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SOME petrol stations are running out of fuel due to anti-oil protests blocking deliveries.
Hundreds of forecourts have reportedly closed due to the shortages, with drivers facing long queues at the pumps that have remained open.
This might mean that your usual service station is closed and you'll have to drive further to fill up.
Despite the shortages, motorists shouldn't panic buy and if one petrol station doesn't have fuel, another one close by will likely be open.
The closures are mainly impacting areas in the south of England, with around 1,200 stations below the Midlands closed, according to the Fair Fuel Campaign.
The shortages are being caused by protests by environmental campaigners Just Stop Oil.
Demonstrators have targeted oil terminals in Hertfordshire, Essex and Warwickshire today following action in London last week.

Here's everything you need to know including where you can fill up:
Petrol stations are closing as delivery drivers have been unable to drop off fuel due to the protests.
Environmental demonstrations are taking place at oil terminals in Hertfordshire, Essex and Warwickshire today.
That has stopped deliveries, meaning forecourts have run out of fuel and been forced to close.
A Government spokesperson said: "Just Stop Oil protest activity at some oil terminals has led to short-term disruptions to fuel deliveries over the past few days.
"The police are working to remove protestors from sites so normal deliveries can resume.
"We are working closely with industry to ensure that supplies are maintained. The public should continue to purchase fuel as normal."
Drivers have been urged not to stockpile fuel, as that will lead to further shortages.
So if you don't need to buy petrol or diesel today, it might be better to wait until the disruption has passed.
The majority of petrol stations across the country are still open, so you should be able to find fuel if you need to fill up.
Bear in mind you might have to drive a little further or wait in a long queue to fill up.
You can use Google Maps to search for petrol stations in your area.
If your location settings are on, you'll be able to see how busy that forecourt is.
If it's busier than usual, it could indicate that it has fuel.
To find cheap petrol, you can use PetrolPrices.com to find the lowest cost fuel near you.
There's no definitive record of all the stations that are shut, and the list will change when forecourts get new deliveries.
Reports of closures are limited meaning that the majority of stations should still have petrol available.
To find out if a petrol station near you is shut, you could search online to find their phone number to call ahead and avoid a wasted journey.
It's also worth checking social media to see if anyone else is reporting an issue.
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