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From Eric at Pegasus Book Exchange in The Junction:
I noticed (Saturday) that sports cards I have been keeping at Pegasus Books have been stolen. There are about 400 very valuable Seattle-centered cards; many Griffey, Kemp, Payton, among others like Jordan and Pippen, some hockey cards as well. I have contacted local sports-card stores and pawn shops but if you hear anything, please let me know. I was going to auction them away for charity but they must’ve been stolen sometime Thursday morning from the back room of Pegasus.
Eric has also put the word out to a wide network of sports-memorabilia dealers, but appreciates more eyes/ears – contact info is on the store website.
Keep an eye on craigslist and eBay too – sadly, they may already be up for sale. Thieves suck. 
OfferUp is the favorite online sales website for PNW thieves. 
This one is selling both basketball and football cards. https://offerup.co/uyXRZeAFZlb
This may or may not be them – but similar cards just popped up on OfferUp https://offerup.com/item/detail/1322645371
Wow, I had many of those but not all, don’ think that is my batch, much appreciated, please keep the tips coming!
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