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VANCOUVER — A Vancouver Craigslist user is offering to pay $500 and bake cookies for a health-care worker willing to create a fake COVID-19 vaccination record for them.
In a post that has been live on the Vancouver Craigslist health/wellness services page for almost a month, the poster writes that they’d like "to purchase a vaccine passport" without actually getting a shot.
"I do not want to get the gene therapy vaccine," the poster writes. "I already have the antibodies."
The poster’s proposal is for a nurse, pharmacist or other public health worker to schedule a vaccine appointment for them, discard their vaccine dose, but record that they have received it.
For this service, the poster offers to pay $500 cash.
"I will also bake you cookies as a thank you for helping me avoid this insanity," the poster writes.
CTV News Vancouver reached out to the poster, but has not received a response.
The idea of requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for travellers and people participating in large events is a popular one.
A poll conducted earlier this month by Research Co. found that a majority of Canadians supported such a requirement for people looking to attend live sporting events, concerts and theatre performances.
An even greater number of people supported so-called vaccine passports for international travel, though support was lower when people were asked about requiring proof of vaccination for domestic travel.
Some countries already require proof of vaccination against certain diseases as a condition for entry, and UBC medical ethicist Dr. Judy Illes told CTV Morning Live in March that she thinks it’s quite likely that COVID-19 vaccines will be mandatory for entry to some places.
She cautioned against relying too heavily on vaccination certificates, however, saying she didn’t think they would work for sporting events, concerts or stores.
"What we want to be very careful about is not creating a situation in which we’re discriminating against people who cannot have access to the vaccine because they choose to decline or wait or they can’t have it for medical reasons," she said. "It’s a careful balance."
Earlier this month, Quebec began rolling out a digital system to offer proof of vaccination through the use of a QR code.
At the time, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry described the Quebec plan as broadly possible in B.C., but downplayed its utility.
“It’s not something that we’ve looked at specifically, a QR code, but we do have every vaccine registered in our provincial immunization registry," Henry said. "You will have access to your immunization records electronically."
“We have not moved ahead with how we might use something like that and I don’t believe we will be using anything like a vaccine passport in British Columbia," she added.
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