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As a business owner, it is important to have an online presence, especially now that half of the global population has active social media accounts. Building your brand in the digital space will help you grow your venture, while an excellent digital marketing strategy helps increase your visibility and engagement. This is where Usman Chishti and Muhammad Ismail step in.
Usman and Muhammad are digital marketing specialists and the founders of IMBH Marketing. They help businesses become authorities in the digital space by placing them in front of the right audience.  IMBH Marketing offers unparalleled SEO services, making their client’s websites and social platforms more visible. The team also provides others with tools to build a powerful personal brand.
Usman Chishti and Muhammad Ismail have taken a distinctive approach to digital marketing. They are not just providing people with the strategies but are also teaching business owners the basics, which include avoiding mistakes while drafting and carrying out plans and policies.
Digital marketing is vast, and to engage the audience and increase traffic, it is essential to understand the different types of digital marketing and how they all connect, says Usman Chishti. IMBH specializes in SEO and personal branding. The team creates keywords depending on the industry and target audience, allowing your content to rank in the top positions. This means more traffic and sales as consumers want to buy from established brands. SEO also helps you build trust and understand the consumer’s voice.
The customer is the heart of the business, and understanding the voice of the consumer can help you increase sales. Muhammad explains that a good SEO strategy tells you what the customer needs, which gives you an upper hand. You can develop products/services that fit the market demand and create better customer experiences.
Usman Chishti and Muhammad’s vast digital experience enables them to safely navigate the nuanced and sometimes complicated field and develop strategies that fit customer demands. Usman is an SEO and SEM expert and a top-rated contractor on Upwork and Fiverr. He also worked with numerous businesses, helping them develop better strategies before he started IMBH. Usman ranked over 500 businesses on Google, with his incredible work receiving massive attention in the business world.
Muhammad is a branding expert. He and Ismail have helped businesses create a strong brand identity that reflects their brand story. He is also a skilled SEO expert. Their combined experiences give the two an advantage that helps them to grow their client’s venture.

Muhammad and Usman are changing digital marketing, specifically SEO, by showing others how to leverage social media platforms to reach the right audience. As young entrepreneurs, Muhammad and Usman also use the opportunity to share their stories. Muhammad and Usman have single-handedly built IMBH, which ranked 1000+ businesses on the first page of Google. Their skills helped them overcome many obstacles and build a venture helping thousands. As they grow, Muhammad and Usman say that their goal is to help many more companies and personalities increase their Google ranking.
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