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After months of anticipation, dozens of Star Wars fans nearly went to the dark side the Force when a screening of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” began to roll with no sound at a Burbank theater Thursday night.
The long-awaited opening of the movie was a moment to relish for fans, as they showed up for the 9:45 p.m. showing at the AMC Burbank 16.
According to reports, the trailer previews played just fine. But after that, silence.
“Excited for #StarWars until #AMC in Burbank, CA decided to play the film w/ no sound & wouldn’t start it over. So for 20 minutes, no idea what they’re talking about. Thanks, @AMCTheatres. Thanks, a lot.,” a Twitter user with the handle @MichaelAntonioZ wrote.
A YouTube post from Lynly Ehrlich showed theater-goers streaming out into the lobby of theater, with some choice words.
Several posts to social media showed fuming fans standing in the lobby on Palm Avenue, demanding management start the movie over.
Star Wars at AMC Burbank had no sound. pic.twitter.com/aOxkvYJ3Hk
— Isaias Rodriguez (@ISA1AS3000) December 15, 2017

Excited for #StarWars until #AMC in Burbank, CA decided to play the film w/ no sound & wouldn’t start it over. So for 20 minutes, no idea what they’re talking about. Thanks, @AMCTheatres. Thanks, a lot.
— Michael Antonio (@MichaelAntonioZ) December 15, 2017

Burbank #lastjedi Star Wars fans went a bit crazy over an audio issue @AMCTheatres @ABC7 pic.twitter.com/tsbkGCSJ3k
— Claudia Sookame (@itsmybeezkneez) December 15, 2017

@AMCTheatres wow opening night showing of Star Wars at AMC Burbank starts without sound for 10min and staff refuses to restart the film! Unbelievably poor customer service!
— Brock J. Stearn (@myanimator) December 15, 2017

@AMCHelps AMC 16 Burbank refused to restart #StarWarsTheLasJedi after playing it without sound for 10+ minutes. Staff lied multiple times to patrons, promising the movie would be restarted. AMC Burbank showed an incredible amount of greed tonight. I don’t think I’ll ever go back.
— Evan Scott Russell (@TheEvanRussell) December 15, 2017

Burbank 16- first 10 minutes of Jedi without dialog. They refused to restart the movie because it would throw off the schedule for the theater. Why not skip the 20 minutes of previews for the next screening then? Ruined it. Big let down. Almost started a riot. #yousuckamc
— Audrey Arrecis (@AudreyArrecis) December 15, 2017

Theater 16 sounded great! That really sucks though. Sorry to hear.
— Adam Hlavac (@adamhlavac) December 15, 2017

The disturbance became so tense, there were reports police were called to the theater.
ALERT: Burbank police have been called to the AMC Theaters for a large crowd of people mad that the sound failed in their theater.
You think you have it bad waiting in those long concession stands…
— myBurbank News (@myBurbankNEWS) December 15, 2017

“Restart it! Restart it!” went one angry chant.
According to Twitter user Isaias Rodriguez, theater management attempted to appease the angry fans by either moving them to another screening at the same theater — albeit not in the IMAX format — or to attend a screening of the much-anticipated film at another AMC theatre Friday. However, a representative for IMAX confirmed the incident did not take place at an IMAX showing of the film.
AMC’s alternatives didn’t go over so well so well for the upset crowd.
The theater’s management declined to comment Friday.
On Friday morning, about a dozen Star War fans lined up at the AMC theatre in Burbank. Some showed up wearing Star Wars t-shirts, jackets and hats.
Ralph Sagel, who came to see the movie with his friends, said he was concerned about the issues the theater had been dealing with.
“You expect a certain level of customer service,” the 29-year-old resident of Glendale said. “You put your trust in this establishment and go with it. If that happens again, I will be very concerned.”
Koreatown residents Peter Castillo and Daniel Perkins said they hoped the show wouldn’t be cancelled this time.
“We hope they will resolve their technical issues or will tell us in advance,” Perkins said. “Fingers crossed.”
“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is off to a death star-sized start at the box office. Disney said Friday that the eighth installment in the space franchise has earned an estimated $45 million from Thursday night showings.
It’s the second-highest Thursday night preview tally following the $57 million start for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which kicked off this modern trilogy in 2015.
“The Last Jedi” is expected to net around $200 million throughout the weekend, which would make it the fourth-biggest opening of all time. It’s set to play on 4,232 screens in North America.
Staff writer Olga Grigoryants and the Associated Press contributed to this story.
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