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By Shekhar Bhatia For Mailonline


The refugee dumped by her British lover after he left his partner and two children for her is packing her bags and returning to Ukraine after he rejected her last bid re-reunion pleas in a one-hour phone call late last night.
British father-of-two Tony Garnett, from Bradford, told Sofiia Karkadym, 22, there was no chance they would ever be a couple again and he was keen to ‘move on in with my life’.
The former couple spoke for the first time since police arrested her after a drunken row during which she rammed a kitchen knife into a wall last weekend and Tony declared he was ending the relationship.
Tony, who embarked on a four-month affair with the refugee 10 days after she had moved into the family home he shared with his partner Lorna and two young daughters, told an anguished Sofiia that her mother was also demanding she return to Ukraine.
Her mother Katerina told Tony: ‘In love, everyone has their own destiny. At first we were not happy, but she said she loved you and that this was a serious relationship. But it is over. We would like her to come home.’
British father-of-two Tony Garnett told Sofiia Karkadym, 22, there was no chance they would ever be a couple again and he was keen to ‘move on in with my life’ 
Tony (left) has since taken in two Ukrainian refugee students,  Illia Tronevyeh (centre), 18, and his girlfriend Sofiia Rastorhuieva (right), 19, who claim they witnessed Sofiia being aggressive after ‘drinking heavily’
Sofiia has been arrested three times despite police instructions not to approach or get in contact with her former lover
Sofiia was tearful as she discussed returning to Ukraine and her family, despite still loving Tony
The 22-year-old has risked being arrested for a third time after she turned up again at her the home of her former lover, ignoring police instructions.
But Tony agreed to call her after hearing that she was in floods of tears in her temporary accommodation while the Home Office and Ukrainian officials decide what her next move should be.
Tony said: ‘I’m not heartless. I do feel sorry for her. But relationships do come to an end and this one is over. I hope we can be friends when all this hysteria has died down.
Sofiia Karkadym (pictured) arrived in the UK at the start of May after fleeing the war in Ukraine 
‘I talked to her last night and told her that there was absolutely no chance of us getting back together.
‘Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. She’ll be much better off in Ukraine or if she gets a new relationship, good luck to her.’
Sofiia made a late night visit to father-of-two Tony Garnett at his home in Bradford where she has twice been hauled away from by cops.
Tony, who left his partner and two daughters with the Ukrainian only 10 days after she arrived as a refugee at their home, invited her in for a chat instead of dialling 999 as advised.
The 30-year-old security guard told MailOnline: ‘I allowed her in about 30 minutes. I didn’t want to get her arrested and I didn’t want the hassle of having to fill out all the police statements once more which take a long time. I’m really tired of the whole thing.
‘The police warned her before to stay away from me and my home. She needs to listen to them.
‘I told Sofiia again that we are finished. She said she was returning to her family in Ukraine and was actually more calmer which surprised me.
‘But she mustn’t come back to my home. I don’t need any more dramas. I have offered to take her to the airport. I checked the flights and they are really cheap to Ukraine.’
Sofiia said she would not give up on Tony despite his rejection of her.
The security guard left the mother of his two children, 28-year-old Lorna Garnett (pictured), for the refugee
Tears streaming down her cheeks, she told MailOnline: ‘I am glad that he is speaking to me again. I didn’t want to break up with just a message that he sent me.
‘It is a very difficult time for me as I love him very much. I can’t let go so easily and I am lost here without any friends or family.
‘I have told him that I will never drink again and that we could live happily together if he just gives me one more chance.
‘But he is refusing and I don’t know what to do next.
‘I may have to go back to Ukraine because I can’t live like this much longer. My family want me back.
‘Tony told me that last night. But I don’t know what my future will be because my country is at war and things could get worse there.
‘I have found England to be such a lovely place with nice people. I feel safe here. But I feel better when I’m with Tony. ‘
Tony Garnett, 29, who left his partner of ten years for  Sofiia after 10 days of her living with them, broke up with her over allegations of her excessive drinking. She promised to cut out alcohol altogether if they rekindled, but he refused
She revealed that a millionaire with a house in London had found her through social media and offered her a place to live and told her he has a gym she could use.
But she added: ‘I don’t know this man. It sounds too weird. He says he’s a millionaire. But that doesn’t mean anything to me. Tony is worth many, many millions.’
Tony also revealed that he had been receiving dozens of internet offers of new love from women who have taken a fancy to him, including two models in Dublin and a tattooist in Yorkshire.
But he said ‘I just need some me time. I thought I was going to marry Sofiia, but now that has gone as well.
‘I am pretty skint as I haven’t been able to work and now that I’ve got a public profile doing security work is far more difficult.
‘I’ve been on television, in newspapers and on magazine covers. People who work in security have to keep their heads down. I can’t do that now.
IT manager Sofiia (pictured) was renting a property in Bradford with Tony after he left his partner and children four months ago
‘I need some peace and to see my daughters if the courts take away the non-molestation order against me which Lorna was given.’
Lorna told Mailonline she had asked her lawyers to request a judge in the family court next week to lift the order so that he could see his children as well as take them out.
Lorna said: ‘He is a very good father. He loves his kids. And although I don’t want to be back with him, he doesn’t want to be back with Sofiia and that makes it a lot more easier for all of us.
‘She’d be better off going back to her own family. She has wrecked mine.’
Tony Garnett at his Bradford home on September 26 with his ex-girlfriend’s luggage  and belongings in bin liners waiting to be collected
 Tony said: ‘I have made a mistake going into a relationship with Sofiia’
Tony dumped Sofiaa after accusing her of not being able to handle alcohol and using a knife to damage a wall at their rented home in Bradford (pictured)
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