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For some time, Craigslist Personals was used by many as a way of providing opportunities for dates and more intimate encounters between individuals. While you can still find pre-owned furniture or a roommate on Craigslist, the personal ads section used by those seeking romance or sexual connections is no longer available. The company made these […]

For some time, Craigslist Personals was used by many as a way of providing opportunities for dates and more intimate encounters between individuals. While you can still find pre-owned furniture or a roommate on Craigslist, the personal ads section used by those seeking romance or sexual connections is no longer available.
The company made these changes following the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA). This law holds sites culpable as a tool when third-party users engage in nefarious and illegal activity that violates this new bill. Craigslist announced that they cannot accept this risk of this without jeopardizing the other aspects of the site’s business, so they made the decision to take Craigslist Personals offline.
For those who are still hoping to meet their partner, however, there are a number of Craigslist Personals alternatives in 2022 that you can consider for casual encounters and online dating more broadly.
Here is a preview of the best Craigslist Personals alternatives:
Remember that regardless of the site you choose to use, remaining vigilant with online dating and casual encounters should always be a top priority. Read more to dive deeper into the best Craigslist Personals alternatives in 2023. 

With over 40 million members worldwide and a presence in over 130 countries, focuses on connecting people who have similar personal goals and dreams. It’s one of the best Craigslist alternatives on this list.
They have been matchmaking since 2006, which lends them credibility in the business. This website boasts over 1 million messages sent on a daily basis and over 40,000 photos uploaded on a daily average. 
Signing up on is both fast and free, making it one of the most convenient Craigslist Personal alternatives available.
Dating on is meant to help you define what you want from a partnership while recognizing that your time is valuable. Some of the following unique features can help this process:
As with any dating website, there are a few pros and cons to be aware of.
With all of the above taken into account, is an excellent Craigslist alternative for online dating.
While Craiglist Personals was shut down, people can still post connection requests to meet up with others. Whether you are looking for friends or something more, Craigslist can still be a useful tool.
All Craigslist postings are free except for job postings, real estate and apartment rentals, meaning any post related to meeting up with others will have no fees. 

Unlike other dating apps, WhatsYourPrice has a different business model that turns the dating world into more of a game. As a user, you can choose to receive date offers or send date offers.
Signing up is completely free for both types of users. Those who choose to receive date offers only have to sit back and wait for “Generous Members” to send them an offer that can then be accepted, declined or countered. 
When an offer is accepted, the “Generous Member” will unlock the conversation and the date planning can start. Generous members browse through the profiles of others and can choose to send offers for a price using credits. If their offer is accepted and the Generous Member unlocks the conversation, those credits are then taken away and the conversation can begin. 
As mentioned, signing up is absolutely free, but most date credits cost around $50-$200 on average. This leads to a few pros and cons with the site.
For those who treat personal ads more as a game than anything else, this unique business model may appeal to your interests. Overall, it’s a great site for discreet hookups and casual encounters.

Those people out there who are interested in either older or younger partners should certainly consider CougarLife. This site is especially worthwhile for women seeking men. CougarLife only features women above 35 years old, so those out there looking for younger men should definitely visit this dating website. 
Creating a profile is free and with over 7 million members, you can rest assured knowing this is a vetted site. While the creation of your initial profile is free, receiving the full benefits of the site truly requires a paid membership that starts at $29.99, which is a major drawback.
The goal of CougarLife is to dispel the stigma around dating somebody who is older. This is done through their proprietary “Find a Date” feature that focuses on matching users with someone of similar interest. Additionally, there are extensive search filters that can be used by users to narrow down the type of person they are looking for. An extra added bonus is that all users get three free messages after registering, so long as they upload a photo. 
r/Singles is one of the largest threads on Reddit geared toward finding love and building connections with people. Over 24,000 members belong to the thread where users can post photos of themselves and mingle with others who are looking to date. These Reddit personals posts are very similar to online personals, making an excellent Craigslist Personals alternative.
The best part about is that it’s completely free to use. You can connect with interested members without paying a single dime. It’s a win, win.
As a note, this thread is strictly for dating, and any posts related to short-term casual encounters or discreet hook-ups will result in a ban. Still, most people surfing through this site are not looking for a serious relationship. Through this platform, users can post messages, respond to messages, and interact with messages primarily. 
To summarize, Reddit threads are excellent for quick conversations, but some may find it challenging to build a one-on-one connection using this thread. 

With over 5 million active users, 400,000 of whom are active daily, and 20,000 five-star ratings through the Apple App store, Kasual is one of the largest casual hookup apps on the market today. It’s also quite similar to Craigslist personal ads.
No payment is required to create an account, but there is a $19.99/month and $29.99/month option that provides access to bonus features, such as: 
Given the emphasis on safety with photo verification and the number of extra features that are available on top of the free version, Kasual stands as one of the best casual hookup apps in 2023, especially if you like online personals.
Despite this large following, Kasual is still a relatively new app with only three years of experience. There are a few factors that cause Kasual to stand out among all the sites:   Matching style dating where a user flips through a stack of cards
While the option of being totally anonymous may seem like a drawback for some, the photographic and location verification can help to reduce any risk. For people looking into casual dating, Kasual should certainly be an option to look into.

Locanto is a platform that is very similar to Craigslist Personals in its style. It’s a classified ads site where you can post ads. Whether you are looking for jobs, cars, products, or a life partner, Locanto has everything a person might need.
The Locanto online personals section, as with the former Craigslist Personals page, is a specific subset of the site that is geared toward people looking to find casual sex. This personal ads site basically replaced Craigslist personals. It is completely free to sign up for this website and get started. 
Some of the standout features for Locanto include:
Locanto is a catch-all-style dating site that may work for some individuals. As with all these types of sites, however, it’s important to stay vigilant and always meet up with a person in public for the first time. Locanto has bot filters built into their website but trust your instincts above all else. 

As with Locanto, Oodle Personals is like a Craigslist replacement in that it is a full-fledged marketplace, rather than a standalone dating service. Oodle Personals allows strangers to meet by providing information such as age, dating preference and location.
Signing up for Oodle Personals is free of charge to create an account, but there are paid memberships available. The primary selling point for a paid membership is the option to send gifts to users that may be able to capture their attention. These gifts range in price depending on what you are willing to invest. 
What sets Oodle Personals apart from Locanto and Craigslist Personals, however, is that users are redirected to partner sites when they click on the profile of somebody they like.
There are categories available for all dating preferences, though the number of profiles on this site is limited, which is a drawback. Additionally, given the marketplace nature of the site, security is not at thorough as with a dating-specific app or website. There is no cost associated with creating an Oodle marketplace account. 
The third Craigslist-style site on this list is an advertisement-style personals page, Classified Ads. Rather than providing a photo, users give a description of what they are looking for and post it as an advertisement.
Creating an account and posting ads on Classified Ads is completely free of charge. In fact, you don’t even need to create an account to post, browse, or respond to an ad. 
However, the vast majority of posts on this site aren’t suitable for most and the reviews discuss many bots and potentially dangerous accounts. Classified Ads marketplace is relatively safe, but their online personals section is less likely to appeal to the masses and focuses more on strict hookups. 

To find casual encounters with a little extra spice, FetLife could be an excellent option. As one of the leading social networks for BDSM and kinky hookups or dating, over 10 million members enjoy the platform.
In terms of content, almost all types are allowed so long as it doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of the site – which means anything legal is allowed. 
FetLife is free to use, but there are paid options available if that’s what you desire. This paid option is a flat $5/month, but you can choose from four different options ranging from six months to 24 months. For those looking for something longer-lasting, you can pay for a lifetime membership for $240. 
The unique matching algorithm helps users find others with similar interests and there are even multiple options for different sexual orientations. The 10 million users on the site is a unique feature in and of itself when compared to sites of similar standing. 
For those who enjoy their casual hookups to have an extra kick, FetLife is an excellent option to consider. 
Choosing between the different types of Craigslist Personals alternative sites can be a challenge. Putting aside what you actually need the site for, there are a few primary factors to consider when making your choice:
First and foremost, one of the strongest indicators that a site has credibility is a large number of active and organic users. Don’t trust a site that only has positive reviews and no negative reviews. Read reviews of the site externally to see what people’s thoughts are.
The next step when considering different sites is to look at the safety features offered. You ideally want a site that offers multiple types of protection for the users, ranging from keeping the site secure to removing bots. Additionally, don’t settle for an overpriced membership on site. If possible, consider a free trial to see if the paid version is worth it.
Evaluate all the features available on a site, such as add-ons, to see if you really get your money’s worth. Finally, sites with a matching mechanism can help ensure the people you are connected with are similar to you. Consider sites that have this feature.
Anytime you are using a site that may involve meeting a stranger for the first time, it’s imperative that you keep your wits about yourself. While hookup sites, dating sites and personals sites are enticing, people can post personal listings with malicious intent.
Always follow a few general rules of thumb to keep yourself better protected, regardless of whether you’re looking for serious relationships, casual sex or anything in between:
If something feels wrong when using a casual dating site, don’t just brush the feeling off. Always be sure to keep yourself safe when using the personals section of a site by avoiding giving too much personal information away. Only consider meeting up with somebody if you are sure you can be completely safe. 
The above sites are a collection of some of the best alternative sites for Craigslist Personals in 2022. Whether you are seeking a meaningful long-term relationship, a casual partner, or something in between, the above sites can help. Always remember to trust your instincts and avoid meeting up with strangers who you do not trust. Stay in public for the first meet-up and verify that anyone you choose to meet in person is who they say they are.
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