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Ark Lost Island is the latest DLC map in the Ark Survival Evolved franchise. It is a holy assortment of the previously famous maps like The Island, Ragnarok, Genesis Part 2, Scorched Earth, etc.
In this game, players are taken back into the deserts, jungles, and mountains of the Jurassic period. To survive on Ark Lost Island, they constantly have to fight natural calamities and ferocious creatures.
Like every other survival game, crafting proper weapons is an integral part of Ark Lost Island. There are different kinds of weapons in the handheld category like tek weapons, ranged weapons, melee weapons, etc.
“Mankind’s ultimate portable killing device,” rocket launchers in Ark Lost Island can fire rocket-propelled grenades and rocket-homing missiles. Launchers are mainly used to attack bases in PvP mode or siege knockouts like Titanosaur, Rock Elemental, Karkinos, and Astrocetus.
Though this weapon severely damages their taming effectiveness. Rocket launchers are also banned in Ark Lost Island’s official no-taming servers. Rockets fired at tek shield will deflect it back to the user.
The compound bow is an advanced version of the bow in Ark Lost Island. It is the only bow that can shoot armor-piercing metal arrows and an assortment of other arrows like flame, tranquilizer, stone, and toxicant arrows.
A compound bow does lesser damage than a crossbow and is less suited to taming. Unlike the normal bow, the compound bow in Ark Lost Island has an ironsight that can be pretty useful.
Players have to pull the arrow back at least 90% to get the maximum damage. Unlike guns, they do the same amount of damage to humans and creatures.
The Fabricated sniper rifle is an excellent alternative to the longneck rifle in Ark Lost Island. It uses advanced sniper bullets as ammo.
This weapon has a built-in scope that does not take up the attachment slot, so users can simultaneously use two attachments. Though the Fabricated sniper is less accurate than the longneck rifle, it chambers more shots per round, which is very effective for users with lesser aim.
Due to its high durability drain, this rifle also requires high maintenance. The Fabricated sniper rifle works good enough, even over close ranges, and it does not need the scope to acquire good accuracy.
Based on the Winchester High Wall rifle, the longneck rifle has 196 damage per shot (to creatures). This is the greatest damage per shot of any gun in the game.
But its single shot per round, with a long reload time, are some of the main drawbacks. When used with a scope, the rifle sways a bit. It takes four ammo types: simple rifle ammo, tranquilizer darts, shocking tranquilizer darts, and pheromone darts.
A scope cannot be used while shooting tranquilizer darts. The longneck rifle is a great gun with high accuracy despite all these drawbacks. Though it has a base damage of 280, all the creatures, besides humans, only take 70% of the damage (196).
The top weapon on the list, the Pump-action shotgun, is a heavy hitter. It resembles a lot of its real-life counterpart, the Remington 870 Express Tactical.
While it is heavier than a normal shotgun and its damage per pellet is lower than a shotgun, it offers more pellets than a shotgun. Also, due to the shotgun’s long reload time and small ammo capacity, it can only do 317.5 damage per second, compared to the Pump-action shotgun’s 354.2 damage per second.
Pump-action shotguns use the same simple shotgun ammo as a normal shotgun. But its tighter bullet spread and ability to use attachments make it an overall better choice.
However, all the creatures besides humans take only 70% damage from guns, lowering its ranged damage from 46×14 to 32×14.
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