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To relieve yourself of the summer heat, look no further than a cooling fan that can actually lower the temperature inside your home. If you’re on the hunt for one of the best with thousands of five-star ratings, try the popular Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer. It’s sleek, powerful, and super affordable at just $62 on Amazon.
Tower fans are ideal to cool down entire spaces from top to bottom, which is why shoppers are obsessed with this best-seller from Lasko. The 42-inch tower fan pushes out maximum “super cold” air with three speed settings ranging from high to low while getting every corner with its widespread rotation design.
Buy It! Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer, $61.99;
It’s actually so powerful that people are actually ditching their air conditioners for this inexpensive device. It has even provided significant cooling for shoppers who suffer from menopause or hot flashes. One reviewer shared that they “may never use the AC again” because the Lasko fan has “brought [them] so much relief.”
And by the sound of it, you won't even know it's working — literally. Shoppers confirm that the Lasko tower fan is "real quiet for the amount of air it blows" while others compare it to soothing white noise.
In addition to blowing air equivalent to a "cool, angelic wind current," what sets the oscillating tower fan apart from the rest is its ionizer setting that's designed to help purify the air of irritants to deliver a fresh-breeze feel that shoppers say makes the air "feel cooler." People even credit the fan for providing humidity relief on especially muggy days.
"It is powerful and helps the circulation in my room," writes one Amazon shopper. "I always kept the fan in my room on not because I was hot but to circulate the stale air in my room to avoid my allergies going insane, and this fan automatically makes my room feel fresh! My room does not feel as humid and I am in love with this fan!
You can choose your settings directly on the unit, however, shoppers love that it comes with a convenient remote controller that lets them make adjustments wherever they are. Read: No more getting out of bed for cooling woes. Plus, it has a 7.5-hour timer that keeps the cool party going even after you've fallen asleep to provide comfort, minus loud-fan disturbances.
On top of it having a tall tower fan design for overarching cooling, it's also slim and compact, making it ideal for small homes like apartments and dorms.
"I love this fan," writes another reviewer. "I live in the desert and needed something to keep the room cool with a newborn baby, not a fan that just blows around hot air. This fan literally feels like we have an AC running in the room. Sometimes our room even gets too cold, we have to turn it off for a few minutes."
To enjoy the summer at home without sweating uncomfortably, choose the Lasko Wind Curve tower fan that’s extremely cooling and is going for just $62.
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