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Despite what you may have heard, there are free things in life. If you don’t mind hauling it away yourself. Or a few deep cleans. 
They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. But what about a free Hyundai Sonata floor mat?
Take a glance at Craigslist in San Antonio and you’ll find a ton of free stuff up for grabs. From scrap metal and furniture to sinks, here are a few items available today. 
Instead of parsing out every available piece of furniture, we’re going to lump it all together. You can outfit an entire one-bedroom apartment for free right now. The only drawback is some of the furniture is slightly worn. 
Some of the items you can find for free on Craiglist includes a couch with no back cushions. 
There is a free couch without back pillows available near the Medical Center. The owner tells us the frame has pet hair and is missing the back pillows but has “super comfortable seat pillows.” Now that the main couch is taken care of, add a reclining navy-blue loveseat which “has a small spot of paint on the arm.” Add in the free large coffee table available on the Far West Side for a place to put your drinks.
Finish up the living room décor with an entertainment center from Pacific Designs. The seller says it is too big for their house because it stretches over 9 feet long. This entertainment center comes with a ton of storage room and the ability to be extended to fit a larger tv.
There is minor damage on the tops.
Now that the living room is taken care of, it’s time to outfit the bedroom. Start out with a king-sized mattress available on the Northwest Side. There is no box spring or frame, but at least you can find a free dresser on the curb at a home on the Southwest Side. 
Some of the items you can find for free on Craiglist includes a sink in need of a deep cleaning. 
There are a surprising number of free sinks available right now. There’s the pedestal sink with a crack but it is sealed with putty and could be yours with only a short drive out to the Quihi area, The 21.5 by 25-inch sink has a couple of scuffs/scratches and slight discoloration. There’s also a sink and faucet near the airport up for grabs, but it needs a deep cleaning
Now that winter has arrived, fresh firewood is in high demand. There’s free firewood on the Southwest Side that needs to be hauled away. If you are more of the do-it-yourself type, you can go to New Braunfels and chop up your own off a very large oak tree that fell in someone’s yard. 
Looking to build, not burn? You can find various wood pallets around town, like behind BBQ Outfitters near Shavano Park. There is a free woodpile in Tarpley that has leftover wood of all sizes and shapes. If you’re into reclaimed wood, a house in Alamo Heights has reclaimed wood from 1937 available on the front porch. 
Some of the items you can find for free on Craiglist includes a live pine tree. 
What if you want wood that replenishes itself over time? It’s your lucky day because you can get a free live pine tree on the Northwest Side. The tree is about 15 feet tall but you will need to remove it and haul it off on your own. 
Some of the more unusual items don’t fall into neat categories. For instance, 2017 Hyundai Sonata floor mats or 2018 Sante Fe floor mats are available in the West Oak Estates area on the far North Side. You can grab four glass vinegar décor bottles out near SeaWorld San Antonio, or grab a B.O.B. brand dual stroller in Alamo Heights. 
Some of the items you can find for free on Craiglist includes floor mats for a 2017 Hyundai Sonata. 
There’s free salt in northeast San Antonio and a Christmas tree in Selma. If you have a 2005 to 2009 mustang and are missing the passenger side mirror, a seller in Canyon Lake has you covered. There’s an upright freezer that “works sometimes” in New Braunfels and faucet handle buttons on the North Side. 
And finally, if you grow tired of utilitarian or the miscellaneous, you can always pick up a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. A seller in the Balcones Heights area has extra copies and will give you one for free. 
Some of the items you can find for free on Craiglist includes a book on how to grow rich. 


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