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New York has lived without a lot these last few years, the COVID pandemic stealing far too much.
But it’s clear the city is coming back. Restaurants are crowded, Broadway shows are playing to packed houses and that telltale New York buzz is growing louder every day.
The Daily News in conjunction with a team of top-notch partners, is hoping to add to the mix by bringing the storied NY Daily News Golden Gloves boxing tournament back to the city. We’ve got a game plan to bring the tournament back — and boxes of telltale blue and gold gloves ready to go.
Ny Daily News Golden Gloves. 2012. Madison Square Garden, NY. Finals night 2. Patrick Day (blue) wins his gloves over Christopher Galeano. (Ken Goldfield/Ken Goldfield for News)
But our efforts are being stymied by the group responsible for sanctioning boxing tournaments in New York — USA Boxing Metropolitan Association. For reasons that remain unclear, the association has refused our partners’ boxing sanction requests for the tournament. We have been working through administrative channels to break its hold on the tournament, but to no avail. Now, with few other options, we have filed suit.
It is unfortunate this dispute has reached the courts, but we’ve been left with little choice. As much as we would prefer to be announcing an upcoming boxing event, The News must first enter the legal ring.
A bit of background here: The Golden Gloves were created by Daily News sports columnist Paul Gallico, with the first tournament held in 1927 at old Madison Square Garden. One after another, those who would become legends in the ring came up through the Golden Gloves, including Sugar Ray Robinson, Jose Torres, Mark Breland, Riddick Bowe and more recent champions such as Zab Judah. The last tournament, which featured both men and women boxers, was held in 2017.
Thursday, March 24, 2016 2016 New York Daily News Golden Gloves New York Atheltic Club, Manhattan, NY Christina Cruz (blue) defeats Iman James (Ken Goldfield, for New York Daily News) (Ken Goldfield)
Christina Cruz won a record 10 Golden Gloves and has since gone on to success as a professional. She’s eager for someone to have the chance to challenge her record.
“The Daily News Golden Gloves was the one tournament that helped me create a name for myself,” Cruz said. “Every amateur boxer from New York knows about the Daily News Golden Gloves.
“It’s such a historic, proud thing for New York boxers,” she said.
Cruz thinks it would be a great thing for New York if the Daily News Golden Gloves came back.
“I think it would mean everything,” she said. “I’ve spoken to a lot of the younger fighters — they’re like, ‘I wish we were able to fight in that tournament. I wish they still had it.’ ”
The dispute between the Daily News and the USA Boxing Metropolitan Association goes back a bit. In 2018, The News took Metro to court to challenge Metro’s effort to gain control of the Golden Gloves trademark. That proceeding resulted in an agreement in which the association acknowledged and agreed to not challenge our sole ownership of the trademark at least until Jan. 1, 2022.
In an effort to get the momentum going before that deadline, we entered into a partnership with a top-flight boxing professional, Yvonne Williams. Gym X, a sanctioned venue, is part of the effort. And the law firm of Walden, Macht & Haran LLP has agreed to handle the recently filed lawsuit, pro bono. The Daily News is grateful to work alongside such dedicated professionals in this effort.
The Daily News is committed to holding a Golden Gloves boxing event in the near future. The plan would be to start with a youth event first. We are confident that we will resolve this case favorably and once again begin the process of hosting the preeminent amateur boxing event in New York.
And we thank all those who have supported us — and will support us as we go forward.
Gates is general manager of the Daily News.
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Copyright © 2022, New York Daily News


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