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Looking for a 13.5-foot tall Lambda-class T-4a shuttle? Of course you are. Chewie not included. $1,200.
Just make sure you can fit all of it: This Lambda-class T-4a shuttle stands 14.5 feet tall, 7.5 feet wide and 10 feet long, according to the ad.
How about TWO 7-foot tall neon toe sculptures? As the ad states, it’s a “perfect addition to your foot fetish burning man theme camp, futuristic nail salon lobby, podiatrist music video, etc!” $800.
This toe in particular is “badly stubbed and oozing all sorts of neon pus.” Also fits two people inside!
Be the envy of the playa” with this aircraft loader with a platform that raises to 14 feet off the ground for $32,900 — “less than a new pickup truck.”
Finding a place for this after Burning Man might be a challenge, given that it’s 27 feet long, but it does reach about 20 miles per hour, so… a draw?
This faux fur coat comes with black spike accents and, oh yes, it glows green, thanks to eight AA batteries (not included). $3,400.
The item has never been worn, according to the ad, so it’s free of playa dust!
We’re not sure how this chair moves around exactly, but this burning man “vehicle” can hold up to 250 pounds. $4,000.
This is no regular Burning Man vehicle. This is a Cessna 337 with two flame throwers, strobe lights, smoke generators and a speaker surround system (plus a few other extras). No price, but interested buyers can make an offer.
Among the other “perfect” items for Burning Man — at least according to the seller — is this round sultan bed. $200.
This “vintage” pedicab has “wonderfully detailed steel construction” but admittedly is “a bit wobbly.” $1,200.
The canopy is also apparently made from a lawn mower grass collector bag, the ad stated.
Can you cook and are looking to attend Burning Man? This camp is looking for someone to prep, cook and clean (in shifts) for 40 people. “PS: Camp theme is Aliens.” Compensation: TBD.
This driveable art car was made to look like a s’more complete with lights to line the “graham crackers.” Built on a 3-wheel golf cart, yours for $2,800.
Here’s the same s’more, at night.
This “steampunk trike” with custom trailer has parade experience (the Rose, White and Blue parade in San Jose) and is built on a former police haulster. $6,500.
This costume is, basically, a hoodie and pants with LEDs that form a stick figure and comes in six brightness levels and six flashing modes. A “perfect nighttime costume for Burning Man or festivals!” $100.
Jellyfish. Art. Car. That’s pretty much all you need to know. But for other details: This piece has been on the playa twice, according to the ad, but will need some of the bedding replaced. $6,000.
Fire hula hoop, with five wicks to make your hula hooping more exciting. Fire extinguisher not included. $30 or best offer.
Glowing Man sculpture with an 18-color remote controlled LEDs, and is about 7 feet tall. $400.
Why plan, when someone else can do it for you? For the luxurious Burner, the “Stratosfear” is available for rent and comes with two tickets, room to sleep four, big screen TV, food, beverages and delivery (amongst other amenities). Price? $35,000.
for a mere $2,500!
to visit the giant 747 art installation on the playa.
Click or swipe through the slideshow for some of the most ridiculous and expensive Burning Man items for sale on Craigslist in the Bay Area. 
Even though money is pretty much banned from Burning Man, attending can still be expensive. You’ve got to buy everything you need to set up camp, build out an art installation, and survive in the Nevada desert — not to mention the costumes.
Enter Craigslist, which is filled with Burning Man search results. There’s a long list of RVs and bikes for sale, plus dozens of people seeking to buy people’s extra tickets to the event (which is understandable because the official market for Burning Man tickets is a little confusing).
But if you dig deep into the search results, there are some real gems in the “for sale” section.
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There’s a yurt decorated with an elegant mustache, which despite being held together by masking tape is selling for $400. Then there’s the mural of an “elvin alien princess,” which is admittedly a little moldy but still one-of-a-kind. Not to mention the eclectic festival fashion (that sometimes dances the line between bohemian and culturally appropriative).
Check out the gallery at the top of this story for a look at some of the most eye-catching Burning Man goods for sale in the Bay Area.
Happy shopping, Burners.
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