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A for rent sign hangs outside an apartment building in San Francisco on Jan. 4, 2022.
When it comes to housing in San Francisco, we don’t get a lot of good news. But if you’re a renter that rode out the pandemic, you may have finally gotten a chance to lower your rent or upgrade your living space. Still, while rents have remained lower than pre-pandemic levels, it’s not exactly cheap to live here.
Rents typically rise a bit in the summer since it’s the most popular time to move, so we decided to take a look and see what the most expensive and least expensive rentals are in SF right now. Despite many, many companies attempting to commandeer the rental listings space, if you’ve lived in SF long enough, you know the best and most popular place to find a new rental is still Craigslist.
This apartment is for rent on Craigslist.
The most expensive rental as of publishing was an apartment in the Four Seasons in SoMa. It’s a “high” floor five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom place presumably on the 37th floor as the unit number is 37A.
This apartment is for rent on Craigslist.
Furnishings and appliances are all top-notch, but the best part of this unit is the views. Almost every room has one, and there are sweeping city and bay views. The living room alone has nearly floor-to-ceiling windows facing east, south and west.
This apartment is for rent on Craigslist.
Pets are allowed, though breed and weight limits apply, and there’s in-unit laundry. 
Living in the building comes with loads of amenities, obviously, like a gym, a pool, a doorman and access to plenty of the hotel’s services.
This apartment is for rent on Craigslist.
But it’ll cost you … drumroll … $30,000 per month! And that doesn’t include parking, which will run you an additional $500 a month. You’ll also have to pay an $850 fee when you move in and then again when you move out, because HOAs are so fun! Oh, and the security deposit is 1.5 times the rent.
This apartment is for rent on Craigslist.
On the other hand, the cheapest apartment we could find on Craigslist this week was a private room in the Financial District. It comes furnished, which includes a twin bed, a microwave, a small TV and a mini-fridge, but the room itself looks tiny.
This apartment is for rent on Craigslist.
Since there’s no kitchen or bathroom, those are shared with other residents of the building. There’s on-site laundry, but no parking and no pets.
This apartment is for rent on Craigslist.
It’ll cost you … drumroll … $650 a month! But the ad says you could get two weeks free rent with a six-month lease and one month free with a year lease. Since it comes furnished, this may actually be the best deal in town. 
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