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The Challenge 38: Ride or Dies featured several blowups, including some that didn’t make the final episodes. According to seven-time champ Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and veteran Tori Deal, her teammate Devin Walker got into a huge argument with rookie Colleen Schneider that reduced her to tears. She later sought revenge by giving him a fake apology note written in German.
According to numerous castmates, several blowups were excluded from The Challenge 38: Ride or Dies, including multiple heated exchanges with Turbo Çamkıran and a “shouting match” between rookies Ravyn Rochelle and Nurys Mateo.
On the Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast, veteran Tori Deal and host and co-star Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio revealed that her teammate Devin Walker got into a huge argument with rookie Colleen Schneider.
Looks like Faysal and Colleen are getting a bit cozy ?

Find out if these two turn up the heat ? during an all-new episode of #TheChallenge38 tomorrow at 8/7c on @mtv! ? pic.twitter.com/BUasyAC4x1
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They claimed he exposed her previous experience on reality TV as “the mole” on a German competition show in front of everyone. Additionally, he allegedly yelled in her face, reducing Colleen to tears.
Tori reportedly consoled the newcomer and encouraged her to write a fake apology in German. She agreed, and they gave him the note masked as an apology but actually talked about him brushing his teeth with dog poop.
Before competing in The Challenge, Colleen won Germany’s The Mole, which she won as the sneaky castmate picked by production to thwart the others from completing challenges.
However, she lied to her love interest Fessy Shafaat about her reality TV past. When the German native and Prince Charming’s Kim Tränka found themselves in the first interrogation, Jakk Maddox didn’t waste time throwing her under the bus.
Allow me to introduce you to the newest rookies on the block, Kim and Colleen! ?

Cheer on #TheGermans when #TheChallenge38 premieres WED OCT 12 at 8/7c on @mtv! ? pic.twitter.com/ZjXdRq90Fn
He revealed her actual past to try to save him and Laurel Stucky. Still, it didn’t seem to make a difference as winning couple Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravyn threw Kailah Casillas and Sam Bird into elimination. She attempted to make allies in the game and had a budding romance with Fessy.
However, it didn’t amount to much as she and Kim found themselves in interrogation three more times. After eliminating Analyse Talvera and Tommy Bracco, the pair went up against Jakk and Laurel but lost.
Johnny and Ravyn wanted to make a big move after they won the first daily mission of the season by taking a shot at the veterans.
Therefore, they nominated Kailah Casillas and her husband Sam Bird, Devin and Tori, Laurel and Jakk, and rookies Colleen and Kim to cover themselves.
Absolutely no one:
Tori & Devin: pic.twitter.com/jT3fcPz2kJ
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They threw Kailah and Sam immediately into elimination, and Colleen and Kim drew the “safe” dagger. The pair chose to save Laurel and Jakk, leaving Devin and Tori to face off against Kailah and Sam.
Although the two pulled out the win, they weren’t expecting to go into elimination so early. So far, the veterans have remained under the radar and avoided interrogation. The Challenge 38: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays on MTV.


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