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Restaurant Daniel is a travelers’ favorite. credit: BLOOMBERG NEWS
Local recommendations can be helpful when traveling to a new place, but sometimes you just want to see a city, well, like a tourist.
Depending on the destination, local preferences don’t always match that of visitors, and while getting a taste of local culture can be essential to visiting a place, dipping into what makes that place visit-worthy may be entirely different.
TripAdvisor’s annual Traveler’s Choice Awards has travelers nominate their favorite spots across America. The latest results, posted on Tuesday, December 4th, share travelers’ favorite fine dining restaurants, fast casual spots and more, to add to your 2019 itineraries. TripAdvisor’s results span the entire globe, with three specific categories focused in United States’ dining: Fine Dining, Everyday Dining and Fast Casual. The second two are especially worth bookmarking on Google Maps, for quick, unique, crowd-pleasing options that go beyond the typical fast food chains you may pass by on your next road trip.
Eager to taste more of The United States? Results of travelers’ favorite restaurants below:
Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants
Top 10 Restaurants for Everyday Dining
Top 10 Fast Casual Restaurants


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