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Want to buy and sell your used items locally but not on Craigslist? Here are the best sites like Craigslist you should consider.
Craigslist is an interesting part of the internet's legacy. Founded over two decades ago as an email distribution list, the platform has steadfastly refused to change its minimalist design and easy-to-use posting system. For many people, Craigslist remains a favorite marketplace to buy and sell items locally.
But this is not your only local buy and sell website option. There are plenty of other sites where you can post classified ads, sell used stuff, or buy second-second products. Some don't even require a user account.
Let's take a look at some of the most popular options out there.
Oodle has pretty much the same features as Craigslist, but it also serves as a social network. The basic concept of posting online classifieds is the same. What makes this website stand out is the ability to add friends to your network and see other users' Facebook profiles.
The platform uses the same technology that powers Facebook Marketplace. You don't have to use Facebook to post, but you have to connect your Oodle account to your Facebook profile. This feature makes it easier to build trust and show that you're a legitimate user.
Oodle's focus on social networking makes it a bit less intuitive for people looking to find items in a specific category. Some users will prefer this design, and others will find it frustrating. However, its interface is easy to use, even for those lacking computer skills.
There's a lot of activity on Oodle, too. You can not only post used things for sale but also use the platform to find jobs nearby. This site seems to do a better job of providing geographically relevant results than many competitors, and there is support for several countries besides the United States. The site operates in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.
Here's another veteran of the buy and sell industry. Geebo has never obtained the household name status of companies like Craigslist and eBay, but has remained relevant for anyone who's looking for an alternative classified site.
Like other buy-and-sell sites, its interface is clean and easy to navigate. It's a little more colorful and modern than Craigslist, but not as appalling as eBay. Users can post classifieds for free, along with relevant photos and additional information, such as the price, location, and product category.
Geebo uses the tagline “safe community classifieds” and claims to have a more personal approach than the competition. Its blog does spend a lot of time bashing the competition for sketchy practices, but otherwise, the site isn't any safer than other online marketplaces where scams abound.
There was a hint of Facebook's own market when we talked about Oodle. There are already thousands of groups on Facebook that have the same idea at their heart, but the Marketplace makes it a bit more organized.
Think of it as a more specialized corner where you can perform localized searches for stuff you want to buy or sell. You might even find people listing things like clothes for free.
Snap a photo and publish it to sell your stuff. To buy stuff, type the keywords and filter by location, category, and price, or through a map. This community-powered marketplace allows you to get a feel of the people you're dealing with through their social profiles.
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To stay on the safe side, make sure you carefully check the listings, as well the Facebook profiles behind them. Ideally, only buy from users with verified profiles. You can talk to the seller using Facebook Messenger to negotiate a final price and close the sale. If you spot a red flag, be careful of the details you give out.
Marketplace is available in the Facebook app and on desktops and tablets. Look for the Shop icon at the bottom of the app on iOS or at the top of the app on Android., one of the oldest buy-and-sell sites, features thousands of listings in every category you could think of. There are used cars, appliances, toys, home gym machines, mobile phones, second-hand mattresses, and other goods.
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The platform also boasts dedicated sections for jobs, services, and real estate listings. If something catches your eye, you can message the seller and request more information. Buyers are not required to sign up for an account.
Most listings are pretty basic, resembling the classified ads you'd see in a newspaper. Depending on your preferences, you can either browse by category or use the search bar to find used stuff, local services, or rental properties. There is also the option to filter the results by location.
Locanto is a more streamlined version of Craigslist. Users can post free classified ads in nearly 60 countries worldwide, including the U.S., China, Canada, Vietnam, Ireland, and others.
Think of this platform as a one-stop-shop for used stuff, local events, jobs, cars, and real estate. There's also a section called Community where you can find babysitters, musicians, tutors, and other service providers. The website accepts paid ads from local and national retailers, making it easier to find what you need when you need it.
If, say, you want to buy home gym equipment, you can get it from a private seller or look for stores in your area. Locanto also gives you the option to follow or ignore users, contact advertisers, or make an offer.
eBay is one of the oldest and most popular places to buy used second-hand stuff. You can not only buy directly from sellers but also bid on auctions smartly. Use the Advanced Search filter and select Used to narrow down on the used items for sale. Also, use the Location filters to find great deals near your home.
eBay has a classified ads format and it allows you to use eBay as a local buy and sell website. The support article on eBay describes the ad listing process. Do note that the feature is available only for select categories and it's cumbersome to find it in the category you want.
Craigslist is bare bones. Several alternatives have found a home in mobile apps because it's easier to click, upload, and list the stuff you want to sell online. So, pick one that reaches the largest audience or has a thriving community. Even selling internationally is no longer difficult.
And if it's old toys you're selling, check out these helpful tips for making the most money with them.
There are a lot of sites like Craigslist, but these were picked because of their strong user communities. A classified site is not of much use if no one ever visits it.
In this digital era, you can take your pick from social shopping apps and many niche apps that list just a few categories, such as used cars or electronics. Whether you want to buy used stuff, sell your old gadgets, or find local contractors, everything you need is one click away.
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