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In a move that will help increase the EV infrastructure in the national capital, the licence fee to set electric vehicle charging stations in Delhi has been reduced. The Delhi Development Authority has approved the proposal which may see more EV charging units at petrol diesel pumps and CNG stations in the national capital. The move will also help to increase the number of electric vehicles on the roads of Delhi. The city has recorded nearly 10 per cent of overall vehicle sales last quarter in the form of electric vehicles.
The initiative to use existing infrastructure to expand EV’s reach in Delhi is also likely to help in curbing pollution in the long run. With more EV charging stations, the sale of electric vehicles in the city is only expected to go up. The DDA issued a statement on Wednesday that read, “To promote green fuel and fight the menace of air pollution, the authority today granted approval to set up electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on already allotted sites of DDA for petrol/diesel pump and CNG stations. It has also decided to levy a lesser licence fee for these fuel sites/stations.”
According to the DDA, the annual licence fee in this financial year to set up EV charging stations at such locations will be 53 lakh for a petrol pump and 46.11 lakh for a CNG station. For the CNG stations, which also distributes petrol or diesel, the licence fee could range between 43.46 lakh and 47.70 lakh.
Delhi has more EV density compared to other major metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, had earlier said that he expects Delhi to see a major jump in electric vehicle sales this year with a rise of more than 100 per cent. Kejriwal said that in the past two years, 60,846 electric vehicles were sold in Delhi, out of which 25,809 units sold last year.
In Delhi, electric vehicles have outsold CNG vehicles so far this year. Within the first seven months, Delhi has seen sale of 29,845 electric vehicles already, and is on track to record its best year in terms of EV sales. Kejriwal expects an increase of 115 per cent in EV sales in the national capital, which may go up further by the end of the year.
Delhi is one of the first states in India to come up with its own Electric Vehicle Policy in 2020. Besides offering tax breaks and other incentives to EV buyers, the Delhi EV Policy has also paved way to enhance the EV infrastructure.
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