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Life would be so boring without best friends — and as these quotes for National Best Friends Day prove, it would also be pretty lonely. A best friend can add so much joy to your life, and what better way to celebrate yours than by sharing one of these best friend quotes with her this Thursday, June 8? Sometimes, it’s hard to put into words just how special someone is to you. Fortunately, the authors of these quotations did a pretty good job at it.
From always having your back to speaking the truth to you when you need to hear it, best friends are rocks. After all, who else can you call after a breakup and spill your heart out to? Or how about when you find out that job you really wanted went to somebody else? In the realm of friendships, quality goes way further than quantity, and it’s important to let your bestie know exactly what she brings to your everyday life.
Write her a card, make her a post, give her a gift, or take her somewhere special this National Best Friends Day. She deserves it, and these beautiful quotes about true friendship will remind you why if you’ve forgotten. Best friends are hard to come by, so make sure you’re cherishing yours.
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