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Having children will change every aspect of your life and our personal friendships can easily suffer.
Good friends are really hard to find, and they become even rarer after we become moms. Having children will change every aspect of your life and our personal friendships can easily suffer. Kids take up so much of our time and energy. Even if you have just one, your life revolves around that child. There are no more regular weekend brunches or meeting up on the regular for cocktails. Even if you have the physical time to give to a friend, your mental and emotional state needs more focus on you and your family, not others.
Moms just can't anymore. We get up early, need our rest, and who can afford a sitter? If you work outside the home, your time is even more limited. That's why if you have a great friend who has been there for you and supported you through motherhood, you should tell them. These are the women with who we can sit in silence, and it isn't weird. These are the women that we'd fully entrust our children to, and they even act as a 2nd mom to your children. These friendships are rare, and they're beautiful.
Use this Valentine's Day as the time to appreciate your friend and all she does. Maybe she sends you funny memes when you need them. Perhaps she allows you to commiserate when mommying gets too hard. Maybe she's a mom too and would never, not once, judge you or tell you how to parent. If you have a friendship like this, you know it and we're absolutely jealous. These quotes could be a good start to express how you're feeling, or help to express what this friendship means to you.
Arguably, we're our own worst enemies. Life is hard and every week we have some new stress to deal with whether it be work-related or something involving your kids. It's easy to just sit and cry. It's easy to give up and do the bare minimum, but that's why being a mom is hard, we can't quit or give up. There are too many people depending on us.
This quote should make you smile if you have a friend like that. Even as full-grown adults raising children, we fake that confidence that we know what we're doing. We say we believe in ourselves when we really don't.
But not your best friend. She knows you're awesome. She knows you can do it, and she tells you so.
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As preteen and teenage girls, whoever had the most friends was the most popular, and we all wanted that. We are way too old when the realization comes that a lot of friends really means nothing and isn't something we should aspire to. When you have a lot of friends, those deep connections aren't there. With multiple friends, you're juggling seeing and talking to all of them. There just is not enough time, especially after we become moms.
All you really need is one great friend, a friend who always answers your texts and always says yes to dinner. One friend who gets you and accepts your crazy. One friend who can change your life for the better and give you so much joy. Keep this friend and tell her how much you love her. One great quality friend means so much more than many friends you're not as close to.
Parents knows how hard it is to find a mom friend and keep her. Mom friends know what you're going through in your personal life and the high and lows of motherhood. These friendships are about helping each other survive.
In a world where things seem so fickle, our friendships can be our longest-lasting relationships. Friends don't live together and sometimes don't even live in the same state or city. Both members of the friendship must make an effort to stay in touch but even that is dependent on the friends and what they both want. Appreciate your friendships that are easy to maintain and the ones you have that last years without any massive work.
The friend you haven't seen in years but when you do, it's like no time has passed. This is the friend you see, and you laugh so much you forgot what it was like to laugh without care. This is the friendship that has endured since high school, through college, marriage, divorce, growing children, debt, and more.
Friends grow with us and have seen us be immature young women to these amazing women who are moms. Maybe you didn't meet your best friend until you became a mom, but she's been there ever since. However long you've known this friend, tell her you love her.
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