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Time to start that January health kick
The start of a new year often sees a surge in people looking to turn over a new leaf and lose those extra pounds put on over the Christmas period. But, while most are happy to just see the number on the scales come down, there are some who want to know more.
Push-ups are a great starting point for a journey through fitness as it has a technique that is fairly uncomplicated and it can be easily achieved in the house, which gives you no excuse if the rain puts you off that morning run.
But, how much weight are you actually pushing up? Well, there isn’t one particular answer as different weights and techniques will give you different results.
The full push-up is the most used adaptation of the move which sees the person in question set up in a plank position before executing the manoeuvre.
But, there are two positions in a push-up. When in the ‘up’ position with the arms extended and locked at the highest point of the push up, 69 percent of your body weight is supported by the arms and feet.
As you go into the ‘down’ position, which is when you have bent your elbows and your chin is at its closest to the floor, 75 percent of your body weight is being supported, which is what makes controlling the downward phase of a push up a hard skill to master.
This is where the participant has their knees on the ground to assist their feet if they are unable to complete a full push-up.
Here, the percentages of body weight being supported is much lower as the knees takes a lot of the weight over the feet.
Here, 54 percent of weight is supported in the ‘up’ position, with 62 percent supported in the ‘down’ position.
To calculate your own push-up weight, you times your own weight in pounds (lbs) and times that by the percentage of both the up and down positions.
When you see that number, you can feel even better about your January exercise.
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