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He posted a Craigslist ad four days ago hoping to find friends.
Meet James. He's a 24-year-old San Francisco native who just moved to South Philly for graduate school.
So why are we talking about him?
He posted a Craigslist ad four days ago hoping to find friends.
The hilarious, likely tongue-in-cheek, post includes a list of yes or no questions to give potential friends an idea of what he's looking for.
They include:
Are you comfortable eating between two and four cheeseburgers in a six-hour period?
Will you take a blood oath of eternal friendship even if I do not reciprocate because I am squeamish?
And If I am having romantic issues, will you create a fake profile of an attractive girl and manipulate me into an online relationship, just to help my self-esteem?
In addition to his ad, James also created a Twitter handle to chronicle his quest for friendship.
The grad student says he's only received about ten responses so far, but not all of them have been nice.
If you'd like to follow James' friendship odyssey as it goes viral, or apply to be his friend yourself, simply reach out to him.
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