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Get your pets inside well before it gets dark. Even outdoor cats should be brought in for the night.
Here's how pet owners can keep their furry friends safe and comfortable as humans enjoy the Fourth of July fun.
From watching fireworks to grilling outside, all the things we humans enjoy about the 4th of July aren't necessarily as much fun for our four-legged friends.
While you may want to invite Rocky and Bailey to join in the festivities, check out these tips before making a decision.
Loud noises and large crowds can be scary for animals, so fireworks are not really their thing. According to the American Humane Society, the 5th of July is the busiest day of the year for most shelters.
WATCH Injuries from fireworks, grilling more than triple around July 4th holiday
Tracy Elliott, president and CEO of the Anti-Cruelty Society, suggests microchipping or making sure the pets have identification since most pets get lost around this time. Elliott also suggested creating a safe space for the pets to help them feel comfortable when they hear loud noises.
Fireworks aren't the only Independence Day issue pet owners should consider. Keep an eye on your furry friends all day long.
Check out more Fourth of July Safety Tips from the ASPCA.
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