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New Yorkers whose bids for concealed-carry gun licenses were recently rejected by the NYPD will have a shot to apply again — but they’ll need to act by mid-October.
People seeking licenses to carry guns haven’t reason to be grateful for the police department’s invitation to reapply, said an expert on the city’s gun licensing rules who called the NYPD’s announcement “stinko.”
The chance to re-apply came in a set of “emergency rules” issued by the NYPD in response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in June that overturned a century-old New York law allowing strict limits on who can legally carry a concealed weapon.
State legislators passed new gun safety restrictions after the Supreme Court’s ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.
New York’s new concealed carry law takes effect Sept. 1 — and in the meantime, the NYPD sees a need to set emergency rules for concealed carry licenses. (Shutterstock/Shutterstock)
The new state laws will require people seeking concealed carry permits to pass training courses, and bans guns in broadly-defined “sensitive locations” that essentially make possessing a firearm illegal in nearly every public place in the city.
But the state laws don’t kick in until Sept. 1 — so the NYPD sees a need to apply different rules for those who sought permits between the issuance of the Supreme Court ruling and the day the state laws take effect.
“Given these changes in law, New York City must immediately implement an operative concealed carry licensing scheme to address an imminent threat to safety and property,” NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell wrote.
Under the NYPD’s emergency rule issued late Friday, people whose permits were rejected were given 60 days, or until October 18, to reapply under the terms of the Supreme Court ruling.
Their new applications must include a statement that they are familiar with gun and deadly force laws, a description of how the gun will be stored when it’s not being carried, and a statement that they’ve been trained or will receive training in gun safety.
Fees will be waived for the reapplications, Sewell’s rule says. The license fee is $340.
The city’s invitation to gun license applicants to reapply under the Bruen decision will actually slow the licensing process, said Jerold Levine, a lawyer who specializes in New York gun and gun licensing cases.
NYC Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell. (Shawn Inglima/for New York Daily News)
The NYPD likely won’t approve the re-applications for months or years, given that the department is already backlogged with requests and is expected to receive a flood of new applications, Levine said.
“What they’re making the individual do now is go back into the pile and go to the bottom of the line,” he said. They should just go back and automatically grant those licenses.”
He added, “I don’t however, think that this is illegal. I think that this is stinko. If they know these people were wrongly denied, they shouldn’t make them re-apply. They should just give them the license.”
When they take effect, the new state gun laws will strengthen background checks and add 15 hours of in-person training to the requirements needed for a concealed-carry permit. Background checks will also be necessary to purchase ammunition for guns that need a permit, such as handguns and semiautomatic rifles.
Under the century-old state law tossed out by the Supreme Court, which was called the Sullivan Act, concealed-carry handguns were limited to New Yorkers with specific self-defense needs, or “proper cause.”
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