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Liz Truss is the next Prime Minister of the UK, and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has already tipped her to be a “disaster”. Speaking on Sunday, Ms Sturgeon said: “It’s obviously the case that Liz Truss and I don’t agree on very much politically, but I’m a firm believer in giving anybody who’s coming into the office of Prime Minister a chance to prove themselves, and I will certainly do my best to build a constructive working relationship with her.
“If she governs how she has campaigned over the summer, she will be a disaster – not just for Scotland but for all of the UK – but let’s hope that’s not the case, because this is a very serious time for the UK and it needs very serious and very purposeful leadership.”
Ms Sturgeon has already had a run-in with Ms Truss after the new leader said the best way to deal with the Scottish First minister was to “ignore her”.
The comment was criticised by many, including one commentator who suggested Scotland could have no future in the UK if Ms Truss takes such an approach with Ms Sturgeon.
Speaking on BBC News, journalist and broadcaster Isabel Hilton said last month: “You can’t just accuse her, a serious politician, of being attention seeking and saying you’re going to ignore her.
“The SNP has repeatedly been voted into power by the Scottish people.Scotland news:
“What does that say to the Scottish people? It says there’s no future for us with a Liz Truss England.”
Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson consistently told Ms Sturgeon that he would not allow a second referendum on independence.
Ms Truss has also stated her intention to deny the SNP their desire to hold indyref2.
Last week, the Sunday Times reported that there is a plan among ministers to introduce new laws which could change the way a vote on independence is decided.
Under a Referendum Act, Scotland could only gain independence if more than half of the country’s entire electorate voted Yes, as opposed to just a majority of those who vote.
READ MORE: Truss believes she is the heir Margaret Thatcher now she must prove itScotland news:An unnamed Ms Truss backer told the newspaper: “The SNP said after the 2014 referendum that they would not seek another one until polls consistently showed more than 60 percent of the public would vote to leave the UK.
“In order to achieve independence it would not be unreasonable for the yes side to demonstrate that it was the settled will of the Scottish people like in the 1997 devolution referendum where there was a three to one majority in favour of a Scottish parliament.”
Ms Sturgeon responded to the reports by tweeting: “Only those who fear losing feel the need to change the democratic goalposts.
“This desperate suggestion is proof positive that the independence arguments are winning.”
Speaking to Sky News, Ms Sturgeon accused the UK Government of trying to “gerrymander the rules”.
However, despite Westminster’s reported efforts to change the rules on a potential independence referendum, Ms Truss herself may make Scottish independence more likely.
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Carol Vorderman reacts to Liz Truss Prime Minister win with jibe [INSIGHT]Scotland news:Scotland news:A poll by Panelbase for The Sunday Times found that 49 percent back independence while 51 percent want to remain a part of the union.
With Ms Truss as Prime Minister, support for the union fell slightly to 48 percent.
The SNP has put forward October 19, 2023 as the proposed date of the second independence referendum.
Ms Sturgeon has said the question will be the same as in 2014: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”
Despite not receiving the go-ahead from Mr Johnson, she says she will go ahead with her plans.
The Scottish Conservative Party today welcomed Ms Truss’ win, with leader Douglas Ross urging Tories on both sides of the border to come together.
He had a difficult relationship with Mr Johnson, calling for him to resign as the Partygate scandals damaged the Conservative’s reputation.
Mr Ross praised Ms Truss on Monday, saying: “Throughout her political career, Liz Truss has shown herself to have a record of delivery, whether that was in removing the US tariffs on whisky and cashmere or in managing the UK’s robust support for Ukraine both before and following the Russian invasion.
“I look forward to working with our new leader and Prime Minister as she continues to deliver for Scotland and the whole of the UK at this most challenging of times.”
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