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Another week means another entry into our series featuring the sweet cars I found for sale online.

To compile this list, I search as much of Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist as I can for interesting vehicles that don’t cost a fortune. They may be hilariously unreliable, remarkably unusual, questionably tuned or just something that stops me in my tracks. Prices for some cars are trending higher, but I think some good deals are still out there.
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As Hemmings notes, the vintage car before you could be seen as a sort of people’s car like the Fiat 500, but for South Africa.
GM had a controlling interest in Opel since 1929 and some American design crossed the pond. The Olympia Rekord has a lot of chrome and saw yearly design facelifts just like its American counterparts. It was a commercial success, being a popular vehicle in places like West Germany and South Africa. However, as Hemmings notes, these never officially made it to our shores.
This one is said to be “an early factory USA import” and while it has some wear, it appears to be all there. It’s $5,500 on Facebook marketplace in Cary, Illinois with 36,000 miles.
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There is a certain kind of joy that comes with driving an old analog Honda. There’s little in the way of tech and it’s just you, the car and its singing engine.
Newer Preludes get all the love, but this 1982 Prelude is in the first generation that started it all, and looks to be in fantastic shape. These cars had an independent suspension all around and a delightfully simple 72 horsepower 1751cc CVCC four under the hood.
This one isn’t perfect, but it’s an excellent time capsule for the price. It’s $3,500 on Facebook Marketplace in Seattle, Washington with 94,000 miles.
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The early 2000s were a weird time when Germany’s big brands were cramming V12 engines into their luxury land barges. Even Volkswagen got in on it with the Phaeton W12. This Mercedes-Benz S600 is powered by a 5.8-liter V12 that made just 362 HP. What it lacked in power, it made up for with a heavenly soundtrack and smoothness.
These cars dripped with luxuries that wouldn’t be too outdated today like soft-closing doors, heated and cooled seats, front and rear radars, adaptive cruise control and more.
This one even has a rebuilt hydraulic suspension, so it should be pretty good for a bit. It’s $5,000 on Facebook Marketplace in Rockford, Illinois with 138,000 miles.
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Moto Guzzi is known for making functional motorcycle art, and this Ambassador is no exception. It has the marque’s signature 750cc wide V-twin making 60 HP and as Classic Motorcycle notes, is the first Moto Guzzi to make its mark in the U.S. market. Fitting for something with Ambassador in its name.
This one has gone through a bit of a restoration, including an engine and transmission rebuild with upgraded electrics. It’s $5,500 on Facebook Marketplace in Fort Collins, Colorado with 50,000 miles.
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Old, honest trucks have a soft spot in my heart. They come from a time when trucks weren’t meant to be pretty, but a reliable workhorse and a way to get around. There’s nothing quite like driving an old truck down country roads, tinny radio doing its thing, and someone you love in the passenger seat, including your loyal dog.
This C-10 appears to be a good example of one of those trucks. It presents in a gorgeous copper color with a brown interior. Power comes from a V8 and that goes into an automatic. It’s said that the paint is in 95 percent original condition, too.
It’s $8,500 on Facebook Marketplace in Lodi, Ohio.
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I love the Porsche Cayenne for just how downright silly it is. Here’s an SUV powered by a twin turbo 4.5-liter V8 making 521 HP. That’s a stupid amount of power for this vehicle and it’s not just made to go fast, either.
This beast can tow 7,700 pounds and some people take them off road. So it can tow your race car, then do some laps itself after your race car breaks.
This one is said to be well-sorted and it’s $8,000 on Facebook Marketplace in Westlake, Ohio with 117,000 miles.
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This week’s enthusiast car is for our JDM fans that want something just a little different. It’s a seventh-generation Skyline, known as the R31. As the seller notes, it was the start of Nissan’s famous RB engine, which would go on to power some great vehicles and builds.
This one comes with a RB20DE making about 150 HP. It’s connected to a five-speed manual and comes in a body that looks fantastic at any angle. I mean, look at the lack of a B-pillar! Everything is said to work and you even get power seats. It’s $25,000 on Facebook Marketplace and Obscure Cars for Sale in Dallas, Texas with 37,634 miles.
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I may have sold my Burgman, but I think these are still great bikes. Powered by a parallel twin making 55 HP, it has more than enough oomph to smoke a cruiser all while its rider enjoys what some call the “Cadillac of scooters.” This particular model of the Burgman 650 is the Executive, which adds luxuries like an electric adjustable windscreen, power mirrors, ABS, chrome and more.
If you need more convincing, check out this excellent Fortnine video:
This Burgman 650 is $3,850 on Facebook Marketplace in Lemont, Illinois. If you don’t care about that extra luxury, they get much cheaper.
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I love American auto design of the 1950s and 1960s. Cars looked like they were powered by rockets or jet engines. They were long, sleek and comfortable; perfect for cruising around Detroit.
The Oldsmobile 88 had the distinction of looking like a factory-built lowrider with its long rear overhang and wraparound windshield. The 88 was Oldsmobile’s most profitable car and lasted through several generations, with this fifth-generation model benefitting from a coil-spring suspension. Its engine is a 394-cubic inch Rocket V8 making 250 HP.
It’s $10,900 on Facebook Marketplace in Foristell, Missouri and is notable for having a lot of original parts, including half of its paint.
That’s it for this week! Have you purchased a car from one of these posts? If so, I want to know.

If you know of a weird car for sale on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, drop it down in the comments or send it along in an email! If the car’s still for sale, we may feature it in a future post.
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