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“Could have at least edited out the pimple, guys.”
Love is Blind contestant Andrew Liu has reacted to that famous and confusing confessional scene in which Liu used eye drops.
In the fourth episode of season three of Love is Blind, Liu asked behind-the-camera producers if they were “rolling” before he said: “Oh, hang on. Mind if I [put in eye drops]?”
Liu then put in eye drops and went on to discuss how he felt about being dumped after Nancy Rodriguez rejected his marriage proposal in favour of Bartise Bowden.
“It’s just too much. It didn’t feel good, to be completely honest. I guess I feel satisfied that I went for it. Yeah, man, it hurts,” Liu said. Then, after applying a further round of eye drops, Liu said: “I never thought I could care for someone that would bring me to tears.”
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This led to fans of the show believing that Liu was faking his emotions and was using the eye drops to fake cry for the cameras and garner sympathy from fans. It did not go down particularly well, but Liu insisted that his emotions were genuine.
Now, however, Liu has addressed the incident himself. On Friday, October 21, Liu shared Netflix‘s clip of the scene to his Instagram stories and wrote: “Could have at least edited out the pimple, guys.”
Liu then shared several memes poking fun at the eye drop scene and commented: “I cannot confirm nor deny due to my contract. How unfortunate.”
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While Liu didn’t find love with Rodriguez, Rodriguez and Bowden seem to be going well. Fans will have to wait for the next batch of episodes to find out if they made it together, however. One batch will drop on October 26, while another will drop on November 2 and the finale will air on November 9.
Love Is Blind returned to Netflix for season 3 on October 19.


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