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by: Tia Ewing
by: Tia Ewing
“I have a chunk missing from my lip, and it’s from being punched in the mouth and stuff like that, if you look at me, my body tells the story,” said Jackie Turner.
She recounted her life, oftentimes with tears in her eyes. Jackie Turner, now 28-years-old, has endured pain like you’ve never heard.
Turner told me in our sit-down interview about being locked in the closet growing up, sexual, and physical abuse.
Back in 2013, Jackie Turner was hurting on the inside.
In an interview in December of 2013 with CBS Sunday Morning, Jackie said she was hurting and tired and thought about Craigslist.
Turner hopped up and posted an ad looking to rent a mom or dad, she was willing to pay them $8 an hour. Turner says she was really looking for someone to talk to.
She still has no relationship with her mom and dad. The William Jessup University Graduate, is now ministering into the lives of other kids.
She’s now using those talents working at the Salvation Army’s Del Oro Campground in Nevada City. Turner’s story is now heading again to cities across the United States.
“It’s done. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s done,” she said.
Amber Riley’s publicist confirmed for FOX40 the actress is set to play Jackie Turner in a true TV movie titled, “My One Christmas Wish.”
The movie will debut on UP Network during the holidays.
Jackie wants the movie to uplift anyone who tunes-in.
“For me, I guess what I am willing to fight for is hope that people can say I am worth more than being abused, more than a slap across the face,” Turner said.
FOX40 asked Turner how she’s remained so strong.
“I’ve always felt like the anchor of my soul has been Jesus and that’s unshakable,” she said.
With a bright future; Jackie Turner hopes her film, her story touches others and transforms their lives.

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