"Invisible" Bobcat: The Viral Photo that's Stumping New York – WRRV

The camouflage of one of the Hudson Valley's most elusive predators was recently put to the test. A viral photo is stumping hundreds of people by asking the simple question: "can you spot the bobcat?"
Bobcats are one of the few animals in New York that are both cute and deadly. While these fluffballs max out at 25 pounds, adults generally do not have any natural predators. The same, however, can't be said for bobcat kittens. They can often be killed by larger hunters like owls and foxes, which means their camouflage comes in handy as soon as they're born. That's exactly who's hiding in the viral photo below.
"They have the perfect camouflage", commented one woman. "Found her. It took some time though", said another. The mix of fallen foliage makes the perfect hiding spot for the kitten that would otherwise be vulnerable to other hungry forest animals. If you spotted the baby in the photo above, can you spot the adult below?
If you're having trouble finding the adult bobcat, a small hint is that you may be looking for the wrong thing. It's not their head that's visible… it's their rear. If you need some help getting mooned by this wild cat, we've made it a bit easier below.
Bobcats are just one of the many fascinating fanged creatures in New York. Recently the DEC captured footage of both a fisher adorably playing on a New York trail camera and a marten frolicking in the Adirondack mountains. Find out what to do if you encounter some of the most famous wild animals of the Hudson Valley below.


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