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The process of marketing that is exclusively carried out through internet is often referred to as internet marketing. But, this is just a theoretical description while digital experts explain that, the function of internet marketing has a wide gamut.  It evolves around crafting different strategies to channelize the consumers’ directly to the advertiser’s web-portal. Industry experts explain that, this marketing technique is growing fast, as internet penetration is increased across markets. The pandemic has induced online shopping and this has become a strong trend amongst a majority of the consumers across the globe.
The industry of digital marketing have become quite popular in the US, especially post the pandemic. The market is estimated to be USD 155.3 billion respectively, at the end of the financial year 2021. It occupies a large share of the global market, and industry experts reveal that digital marketing initiatives in the US remain to be quite popular at the end of the day. But, it is important to understand the scope of digital marketing in the market of US. Only because, a majority of the US brands use digital marketing, not all are successful always.
Internet penetration in USA is one of the highest as almost 78% of US population surf the internet extensively on a regular basis. More than 52% consider, mobile browsing as the best option, while the number of citizens making direct purchases digitally have grown post the pandemic. It’s important to know that, digital marketing can be done strategically to meet specific business outcomes.
But, before a business owner thinks of being successful, about digital marketing, let’s take a look at the various options to market digitally. Most of the US brands, reveal that, there are various techniques to market products digitally. It can vary from social media marketing to mobile marketing, while writing quality blogs can also help the business owner in digitally promoting the services’. On the other hand, a lot depends on the market within which you operate. For instance, in the US, there’s a high demand for digital marketing in states like New York, Boston and Los Angeles, besides Seattle and San Francisco. But, you need to have your business objectives in place!
A digital marketing framework should be developed at the inception, before a business can roll out the effective strategies. Components of the framework include
The business owner should have a complete thought clarity to set clear goals, target desired market segment, leverage low cost technology, while gather valid data.
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At this stage, the business owner can create an outline on digital reporting besides working a basic sales forecast.
What should be your digital marketing budget?
CEOs of digital brands in the US, reveal that, digital marketing can be achieved at a low budget.But a professional outlook is important while designing focussed content dissemination process. E mail marketing can be a good tactic to start with the promotional campaign at a low cost.
Is tracking business outcomes important post the digital marketing campaign is launched?
This is a very important part in understanding the impact of digital marketing being done in favor of your brand. Utilizing funds to achieve business goals within the stipulated time frame can really work wonders for the business. On the other hand, designing website analytics can help the business owner to track the level of consumer interest being generated in the given product.
Internet marketing gives you a chance to analyze increasing consumer data compared to traditional pre-online marketing. In the given context, internet marketing is a much more effective, reliable and affordable way of marketing a brand. Attracting potential consumers at a low cost remains to be the best advantage of such an initiative.
AiT Staff Writer is a trained content marketing professional with multiple years of experience in journalism and technology blogging.
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