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You can only deactivate or delete your Instagram account from a desktop or mobile browser by logging into the website, but not from the official app.
With the idea of digital detox gaining momentum and social media apps especially gaining negative attention for taking up too much of the users’ time. In fact, it’s not just that social media apps are a time suck, but Facebook’s own research shows Instagram creates negative body image issues among teenage girls! With such issues cropping up every now and then, there’s a call to delete or deactivate Instagram accounts. Deactivating your Instagram ID is a temporary solution to get rid of the app from your phone, with all your data and profile still being stored with the company. On the other hand, if delete Instagram ID is on your mind, you would permanently remove all your data from the company’s servers, including photos, videos, comments, likes, followers, etc. If you want to exercise either of the options and want to learn how to deactivate or delete Instagram, then this step-by-step guide is for you.

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To answer your questions about how to disable Instagram account temporarily, follow the below steps.
If you want to deactivate Instagram account on mobile, the first thing to know is that the feature isn’t available on the app. You will need to head to the service’s mobile website to temporarily disable Instagram account.

For a more permanent solution, you can delete your Instagram account as well as all the associated data. Again this can be done using a web browser, not the Instagram app. Follow the steps below:
If you decide to follow through with the account delete process, all your photos, comments, likes, and followers on the app will be removed permanently. However, you will still be with the service for 30 days; however, other users of the app won’t be able to see any of your photos, likes, followers, comments, etc. On the server end of things, your data may remain with Meta/ Facebook/ Instagram for up to 90 days in a backup server but you won’t have access to it after Day 31 of deleting your Instagram account permanently.

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Deleting Instagram accounts (at least permanently) will remove all your data, including photos, videos, followers, and more. Furthermore, there is no way to recover them. So, if you wish to delete the Instagram account but don’t want to get rid of photos and posts, we would advise you to backup the data first.
Follow the steps below if you don’t know how to download your Instagram data before deleting account
Once the request to download Instagram data is made, you will get an email with a link to a file consisting of all your photos, comments, profile information and more within 48 hours.
So that’s how you can download data and temporarily deactivate or permanently delete Instagram accounts from the desktop or mobile site. We hope this step-by-step guide helps you get rid of the distractions the app is known for!

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Technically, the Instagram account once deleted cannot be recovered. However, you can reach out to Insta’s customer service if your account was hacked and deleted by someone else. To do so, open Instagram login page, enter username, and click “Get help signing in.” Select Trouble Logging in –> “need more help” –> Type registered email address –> specify your Instagram account type –> choose “my account was hacked” followed by “Request Support”. Now, your username, full name, verification code, and a clear picture of you that you have gotten from Instagram.
As stated above, Instagram holds your data for days after your account is deleted; however, you can’t access it after 30 days.
While Instagram account delete will remove your record from the platform altogether, deactivate will disable your account until the time you login again. The latter is the safest approach if you are looking for some time off the social media platform as it doesn’t delete your account permanently.
Yes, you can create a new Instagram account with the same email ID.


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