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Few web services will break you like Craigslist.
It’s the go-to classified ads site for people looking to find an apartment, and yet, Craigslist’s visual clutter and chaos leaves most users dazed. Day one of my apartment hunt in San Francisco, I wanted to cry looking at the purple-and-white mess of listings.
Then I tried searching Yelp on a whim. It’s the most tried-and-true recommendation site on the web, though typically reserved for restaurants and other retail operations. 
But using Yelp, I found a new apartment in less than two weeks. Here’s how I did it.
Yelp’s curated list worked for us, because we wanted a new development.
If you’re looking for a more traditional home or a unit in a Victorian, you will have better luck on Craigslist or one of its equivalents.
When I took a screenshot of the page, Yelp asked me if I would like to send the screenshot with a link the page. This feature was helpful when I wanted to show a listing to my partner.
I did not find success using the filters, however, which aim to organize the listings by price.
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