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Galaxy S8 screenshot toolbar.
Taking screenshots on Android is nothing new—in fact, all devices have supported screenshots since the 4.0 release back in 2011. Samsung has had screenshot capabilities longer than that, and to this day it goes a little crazy with screenshot-related features on the Galaxy S8. That means you can really up your screenshot game with a few quick lessons.
First off, regular screenshots have changed on the Galaxy S8 compared to the GS7. The physical home button is gone, so Samsung is now using the same button combination as other Android devices: hold power and volume down to take a screenshot. Easy. You can also trigger a screenshot by swiping with the edge of your hand inward from the left or right edge of the screen.
Immediately after capturing, a preview of the image pops up in the lower right corner of the screen. Along with it will be a tool bar. You can draw on the screenshot, crop it, or share it right from that interface. The last option here is “scroll capture.” This saves you from needing to take multiple screenshots to capture all the information in a vertical list (eg. a messaging app). Tap that button and the phone scrolls down one screen and captures another image. You can continue this process until you have everything, then the phone stitches it together into a single image.
More ways to manage screenshots.
There are more screenshot tools available in the Edge Screen, but you need to activate the Smart Select panel in the settings first. After enabling, open the Edge Screen and swipe over to find Smart Select. It has rectangular and oval selection options. That way, you can just grab part of the screen in a single step. The animation option lets you create a GIF, which is occasionally useful. The “Pin to top” feature captures a piece of the screen and displays it in a floating window. It’s handy if you need to refer back to something.
Lastly, remember that all the screenshots you capture on the Galaxy S8 are accessible in the clipboard. Add the clipboard history panel to your Edge Screen for quick access to your recent screenshots.


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