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The ability to screenshot your computer screen can be useful for a number of reasons. You can show somebody exactly what you’re doing step-by-step, save a webpage for future reference, or screenshot frames of your favorite shows or movies.
Taking a screenshot works differently depending on the kind of computer you have, and the software that it’s running. On Lenovo, there are a few different ways to do it: some that only work with Windows 10, and some that work with any version of Windows.
Make any edits you might want to the image, then hit save.
This method is particularly useful if you want to highlight or mark up certain parts of the image for later.
If you don’t have Windows 10, use this method instead. It requires more steps, but it combines the functionality of the other two.
1. Press the PrtSc (Print Screen) key on your keyboard to copy an image of your screen to the clipboard.
2. Open Paint, or a similar application, and use the Paste function to open the image in the program.
3. Use the tools in Paint to mark up the image if you desire, then click “File” and “Save” to save it to your files.
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