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GTA Online players are constantly finding new and exciting ways to travel around the crime-infested streets of Los Santos. However, this technique is a little special because it will enable you to fly through the air in a car. 
Rockstar’s game is home to all kinds of vehicles and it’s not uncommon to see players using them in weird and wacky ways. From military-grade tanks to fighter jets and futuristic motorbikes, there’s a ride for every kind of playstyle. While it can be fun to whizz around the city streets in the game’s most luxurious planes, it can be even more rewarding when you take to the skies in something that was never intended to leave the ground.
Shunt hopping is a technique that has been floating around the GTA Online community for a while, but a recent player used this advanced technique to complete USS Luxington mission in record time.
To help you master shunt Hopping in GTA Online, we’ve put together a handy guide that will get you flying through the air in no time. 

In order to pull off this aerial maneuver and begin flying through the skies, you’ll first need to equip the Shunt Boost from the Arena Workshop. This workshop allows players to modify and upgrade standard vehicles into Arena vehicles, giving them access to various modifications that aren’t featured in the game’s standard workshops. 
The main modification you’ll need to equip is the Shunt Boost mod. This lethal mod will propel your vehicle to either the left or right, depending on which way you choose to boost. The next thing you’ll want to install is that of the game’s upgraded hydraulic boost jump. This particular hydraulic allows you to constantly repeat your jumps, allowing you to cover vast distances. 
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We recommend kitting out a small/lightweight car with these mods if you wish to make the process of shunt hopping easier. Not only will you be able to get bigger air time, the vehicle will also be more manageable to control. 

Here’s a simple breakdown of how you can begin GTA shunt hopping online.
The car will stay in the air and continue to fly forwards as long as you keep it on its side. If the car begins to reposition itself you will instantly begin falling towards the ground, so make sure you maintain this sideways position. Simply activate the upgraded hydraulic boost over and over again to keep your car in the air. 
It might not be as simple as flying in one of GTA Online’s planes, but this technique is certainly a fun one to master. 


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