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Gotta look after those chickens.
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One of the earliest tasks you will need to complete in Ranch Simulator is setting up a water tank on the farm so that the chickens have some water to drink. Without it, your chickens won’t last long, as all animals have thirst and hunger meters.
You will need a water tank and a bucket. Finding them is simple, as they will both be marked by waypoints and can be found in the small shed near the main house, right beside the tent.
Go into the shed and grab the yellow and red water tank, then bring it to where you placed the grain to feed the chicken. Put the tank anywhere on the ground near this area, to keep the food and water close together.
Return to the shed and grab the bucket, then bring it to the water tank. You should be able to see a ghostly green bucket beside the water tank that only appears when you are holding the bucket. Place the bucket here to finish setting up the water tank.
And that’s it. It’s not very difficult, the game just does a poor job of explaining exactly what you need to finish up the step, or how close to the grain or chickens the tank needs to be. You can pretty much place it anywhere you want, but the closer to the grain to keep the chickens in a small area, the better.

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