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The Minecraft 1.19 update was just released at the beginning of the month, so it’s not terribly old. It’s been a little over three weeks since players were treated to Mangrove Swamps, Deep Dark biomes, Ancient Cities, frogs, the Warden and Allays. The update was great, but not perfect.
Until Minecraft 1.20 is released, there will be plenty of smaller updates for 1.19. This is largely to fix bugs and remove glitches, but doesn’t discount the potential for more. A similar update for version 1.17 introduced a couple of great items like candles.
The 1.19.1 update is coming very soon and has lots of players excited. Here’s how one can download the update after it releases on Java and Bedrock Edition.
Xbox One and Series X/S will be receiving the update, with the same holding true for PlayStation 4 and 5. Here’s how to download it on either platform.
The update may automatically be installed if players have that feature enabled.
For PlayStation, it’s similar and even a little bit easier than for Xbox:
On Nintendo Switch, updates are easy to install. If there’s one available, players will be prompted to install it when they first try to open the application. This usually doesn’t take long.
If the update isn’t available, they can visit the eShop to download it from there or find out more information. Switches can also automatically update the software.
The download process differs on iOS and Android, but it is pretty similar. For Android, here are the steps:
The steps are similar for iOS devices, but do differ in a few ways. Here’s how:
On PC, this can be done very simply through the Launcher, which, upon opening, should automatically bring up the latest release for Minecraft. If not, there is an arrow to the right of the play button. Clicking that will bring up an option for the “Latest Release.” Choose that, and the update should install momentarily and be available the next time the app is loaded.
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