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Mojang released yet another Minecraft snapshot 22w15a with several changes and additions. These snapshots are a part of the upcoming 1.19 The Wild Update. This update will feature loads of new items like biomes, mobs and other exciting items. Mojang releases new snapshots every Thursday where they add new things to the game.
Snapshots are made and released to test the new changes and additions and see if they work well. If there are any bugs or flaws in these snapshots, Mojang can refine and fix them before officially releasing the final update. Minecraft snapshot 22w15a has several minor changes to mobs, biomes, and advancements.
Downloading the new snapshot is the same as any other snapshot in the game. However, some new players are constantly jumping into the game. Hence, here is how players can download the latest snapshot.
First, players need to have the game launcher, which they can get after buying it. Once they open the game launcher, they can head to the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the ‘Play’ button. From there, they will be able to see the ‘Latest snapshot’ option where ’22w15a’ will be written.
Select the option and hit play. Players will have to wait for a while as the launcher downloads the necessary files to run the Minecraft snapshot 22w15a. Once the game opens, it is advised that players should always make a new world in a new snapshot as the previous worlds can be incompatible and can corrupt.
Once players enter the Minecraft snapshot 22w15a, they will be able to explore all the new changes and additions to the game. Mojang constantly adds new features to keep players hooked every week with their snapshots.
One of the biggest features in this snapshot is that the terrifying Warden mob gets a new ranged weapon to attack its opponents. They can use a sonic boom from its chest, knock players back, and do 12 HP (6 hearts) of damage. This ranged attack can even penetrate through walls.
Other than that, a few advancements were added to the game related to the new biomes and mobs. Mangrove trees will now be taller and the new Swamps will have more mud blocks down to the stone level. Mangrove roots will have moss carpets. There are loads of other changes in the game that players can explore.
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