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The latest Beta version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition has finally arrived. The weekly updates are one aspect that many look forward to. Each one theoretically brings players closer to the highly anticipated official release of the 1.19 Wild Update. The update may be getting very close as this Beta focused mainly on bug fixes instead of new additions.
The Allay, Mangrove trees and Sculk-based blocks received the bulk of the changes this week. Those playing on the Beta versions will want to update to avoid any gameplay issues.
With that in mind, here’s how to download the latest Beta and get involved with the Preview, which is the future tactic for implementing updates.
The Beta version of Bedrock Edition is a pretty simple download. Right now, it’s available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and Android (Google Play).
For Windows players, here’s how to access the latest Beta:
For Xbox users, the steps are very similar, though on a different platform. The Xbox Insider app, also found on the Microsoft Store app, will have the Beta available for download.
Android users can visit the Minecraft page on the Google Play Store to get information on and download the latest Beta version: It should be noted that Mojang has issued a warning to Beta users:
Fortunately, getting involved with the Preview, version, is pretty simple, too. Eventually, everyone will have to do this.
The Preview app is available on the Xbox Store and Xbox app for Windows devices. Windows, Xbox, and iOS users can currently use the app, with more devices in Mojang’s future plans.
iOS users can visit websites like TestFlight or the Mojang site that contain a list of supported platforms, instructions on how to sign up, and any additional information that may be necessary.
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