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The Minecraft 1.19 update was an excellent addition to the game, but it was far from perfect. This is the case for all major game updates, as nothing is ever perfect.
Technology hasn’t evolved quite that far, which makes patch updates vital. New bugs and glitches can crop up with new additions to the game.
The game-breaking ones often get patched immediately, but everything else is left to the more routine patches that get released. The first version of the update is 1.19.0, so all the subsequent digits in the final portion of the update represent the number of patches.
The latest patch for Minecraft 1.19 is here in the form of 1.19.20. Here’s how to download it, plus what changes players can expect.
For Bedrock, updates are not terribly difficult to install. Often, the console or device on which the game is held will automatically update it, but if not, here’s how.
For Android and iOS devices, visit the store. For Android, it’s the Google Play Store; for iOS, it’s the App Store. There, they can navigate to the updates section of the game to check or search Minecraft manually to install from there.
On Nintendo Switch, the update will likely prompt a download the first time players try to open the application if it hasn’t already been updated.
If not, the Nintendo eShop likely has the update available.
The store on the respective console will have the update for Xbox and PlayStation users, but both consoles have download queues where recent and upcoming updates are found.
The Minecraft patch should be available there. Here’s what Mojang said about their most recent update:
As for the expected changes, here are a few updates added in 1.19.20.
On hard difficulty, zombies now have a 10% chance of breaking a door down. The cooldown when connecting to a multiplayer game has been reduced from 180 to 90 seconds.
Instantaneous Minecraft effects such as Potions or Tipped Arrows can no longer be applied to dead mobs and gamers. The music track So Below now plays in Basalt Deltas.
There are also a host of bug fixes in this patch:
For the complete list of changes, readers can visit Mojang’s official website.
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