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iPhone and Android phone users can delete their Instagram account from their smartphone, but there are a few points to be aware of before starting.
iPhone and Android device users can easily delete their Instagram at any time. However, the process is not quite as simple as it could be from a smartphone. Besides the ability to delete, Instagram also offers an option to pause the account. Here’s an overview of the differences and what to expect when either pausing or deleting an Instagram account.
Instagram is a popular social media service and one that seems to be constantly growing. However, social media has been making headlines recently for a variety of negative reasons as well. In Instagram’s case, there is the added element of being tied to Facebook, a relationship that has raised its own questions and concerns as well lately. Whether it is because a user is no longer accessing Instagram as much as before, or just an attempt to lessen the digital footprint, deleting an Instagram account can either be done via a computer or a mobile phone.
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Instagram currently does not allow users to delete their account either through the iPhone app or the Android app. Due to this, iPhone and Android phone users will need to delete their account using a mobile browser. There is a dedicated Delete Your Account page available in the account settings, but it can also be accessed via this direct link. If not signed in, the user will need to sign in, select the option to delete the account and provide a reason why. Finally, the user will need to once again re-enter their password to complete the process.
It is worth noting that deleting an Instagram account doesn’t actually take immediate effect. Instead, this is more of a deletion request to Instagram. The service explains that it will take up to thirty days from the account deletion request for all of the account information and data to be permanently removed. In addition, it could actually take up to ninety days for all traces of Instagram posts to be deleted as well. While these are longer times than many might expect, Instagram says the content is deleted from the user end. In other words, it won’t be visible by others, including the account holder.
For those unsure of whether they actually want to fully delete their account, but take a break from Instagram, there is the option to pause an account. In a paused state, the Instagram account goes into a hidden mode where the profile and all related comments, likes, and posts are hidden from others. Users will remain in this hidden paused state until they opt to re-enable their account again. Similar to deleting an Instagram account, the option to “Temporarily disable my account” is also available through the settings, and can’t be done through the iPhone or Android apps.
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