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Calculating a percentage change is a simple method of analyzing the difference between two values, and Google Sheets makes it easy. Here’s how!
Calculating percentage change is one of the simplest methods to analyze the proportional difference between two values. You can use percentage change to analyze how much a value has increased or decreased in proportion to the original value.
Google Sheets is one platform where you could achieve this calculation. Calculating percentage change in Google Sheets is simple and requires only a single formula using basic math functions. Read on to learn how you can calculate percentage changes in Google Sheets.
Before writing the formula, let's review what a percentage change is. Percentage change is the difference between two values divided by the original value and then multiplied by 100. The final multiplication is necessary to get a percent.
Now with that out of the way, it's time to calculate the percentage change in Google Sheets by creating a simple formula for it.
Here we have an example of the scores a group of students acquired in their two chemistry exams throughout the semester. The goal is to use percentage change to see which students have progressed, which ones have regressed, and by how much they have done so.
There you have it! Now you can see how much each student has progressed or regressed in their chemistry marks. A negative percentage means that the student has regressed, and a positive percentage means that the student has progressed.
If you don't like the extra decimals, you can remove them with formatting.
Observe that your percentage changes now have only two decimals. That should make your spreadsheet look tidier! If you want to learn more about formatting to better present your spreadsheets, read our article on the best tips for formatting in Google Sheets.
By calculating the percentage change between two values, you can see by what percentage each value has changed compared to the original.
Google Sheets is a wonderful web-based spreadsheet app, and the more you learn about the things you can do with Google Sheets, the better you get at maximizing its potential.
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