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Learn how to calculate the percentage change between two values in Excel to better understand the difference.
Getting a percentage change can be useful in many ways, such as showing the difference between two values and the percentage of increase or decrease.
To calculate percentage changes between two values in Excel, you’re going to need only one single formula. Subtract the old value from the new value and divide it by the old value.
To calculate the percentage change, you can use the generic formula below and then convert it to percentage. Now let’s put all this into practice with a simple example.
Here’s an example, suppose you have two values, and you want to calculate the percentage change between them.
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Now all you’ve to do is insert numbers into the two cells, and the third cell will display the percentage change of the two values.
By utilizing functions and formulas in Excel, you can turn your data into something more to demonstrate the points you want more efficiently.
Calculating percentage change is just one of the many ways you could do this. There is much more to master.
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