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Craig Newmark hasn’t worked at Craigslist for nearly twenty years.
Instead, the billionaire founder — who started his site in 1995 — dedicates his time to philanthropy. Despite criticism for his site’s negative impact on print newspapers, Newmark is a dedicated supporter of journalism, donating millions to publications such as ProPublica and the Poynter Institute. 
He also donated $20 million to a forthcoming tech publication, The Markup, which made headlines on Tuesday for its staff exodus following the departure of its editor-in-chief, Julia Angwin. The nonprofit publication was set to investigate tech companies and was supposed to officially launch in July.
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After a long career with IBM, Newmark started Craigslist — originally an email newsletter called “San Francisco Events” — in Silicon Valley. In a 2018 interview with Business Insider’s Jim Edwards, Newmark talked about his decision to not take the VC route and also referred to himself as an “old-fashioned” nerd.
Keep reading for a look at Craig Newmark’s life and career, from his start at IBM to his recent philanthropy focus.
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