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The sun breaks through clouds over the San Antonio skyline. 
Craigslist’s Missed Connection advertisement section is a sort of digital town square where lonely hearts can declare their feelings without fear of public rejection. 
We reviewed posts from Nov. 23 until Dec. 27 on the San Antonio Craigslist page, and different scenarios played out across the region. 
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A pair of motorcyclists never caught a red light to exchange phone numbers. It was too loud to ask the girl with the knife tattoo for her phone number at Paper Tiger, a popular St. Mary’s Strip music venue. It was too late to thank the stranger ahead in the drive-thru line at Starbucks for the free coffee that restored hope this holiday season. 
Here are a few of the “missed connections” posted on Craigslist during the last few weeks. The posts have been edited for grammar and clarity. 
Woman riding a motorcycle, posted on Dec. 26 from San Antonio: I was riding too and I pulled up next to you. We rode down the road together for a bit then I had to exit to the right and you continued straight. I wanted to get your digits, but we never caught a light so I could ask. I would love a riding buddy to go ride with. If you read this, please reply. 
Target Creekside Christmas Eve, posted on Dec. 25 from New Braunfels: 50(ish) woman in a green dress. You asked me for some help finding an item in the stationary department. I thought I saw a smile as you walked away. 
Starbucks, white truck with Woody Guthrie sticker, posted Dec. 23 from Fredericksburg: You paid for my drinks before driving away. I just wanted to tell you that this act of kindness is a bright spot in what has been a very difficult holiday season for me. Thanks for reviving my positive perspective!
Waiting in line at Big Lots, posted Dec. 19 from San Antonio: We were chatting it up, wouldn’t mind if you want. I was helping you hold your stuff. 
HEB 410/Bandera, posted Dec. 15 from San Antonio: We chat here and there when our paths meet. Just not sure if you’re interested in someone to talk to about life (or) spitball some ideas on how to survive it. Your name starts with a J, who knows. 
Dezavala car wash by Sam’s Club (Interstate 10 and Dezavala), posted Dec. 7 from San Antonio: I parked next to you while we were vacuuming our cars. We locked eyes a few times, not sure if you were a couple with the person you were with. I should have stopped. You were beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I would love to hear from you. Let me know what I was driving, or looked like, or what you look like. Whatever works. Would just love to connect. 
Tea and lottery tickets at Fisher’s on Walnut, posted Nov. 28 from New Braunfels: This is a long shot, but during the summer, I worked at a convenience store. You walked in (on) most Wednesdays and Saturdays and got two teas, a sweet and an unsweet. You also got a few online lottery tickets. Some Tuesdays you’d come in for the store’s “free tea Tuesdays.”
I worked evenings, and we’d small talk here and there. The last day I saw you, you mentioned you were planning on making dinner from scratch. I made a comment and you told me you lived around Creekside.
If you remember me, please reply. I wanted to give you my number, but you already left. Let me know what you made (if you remember) or the apartment complex you live at.
Central Market, posted on Nov. 23 from San Antonio: You had a stunning reddish beard. We ran into each other a few times in the aisle and made eye contact. It was 11/23 around 5:30 p.m. I was the female with brown hair and was wearing a red flannel shirt. Message me if you see this. 
I filmed 100 Gecs on your 3DS at Paper Tiger, posted on Nov. 23 from San Antonio: I was photographing the 100 Gecs show for the Current, standing on stage. You shrugged and passed me your 3DS. I filmed the entirety of One Million Dollars in 3D, in all its seizure-inducing glory. Kids cheered and I gave you the DS back but I never got your contact info. I NEED to see how that video came out. Sick knife tat on your arm, BTW. 
Timothy Fanning is a digital reporter for the San Antonio Express-News.


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