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Get with the Classic Revival vibes of this mansion right in the heart of downtown. 
More people have been looking to move to San Antonio in 2022.(Especially from Austin!) And San Antonio rents aren’t dropping. From finding your perfect new home to negotiating rent prices, searching for an apartment in San Antonio can be quite the experience. Taking inspiration from our sister publication SFGate in San Francisco, MySA is looking at local properties showcasing the best, worst, and everything in between here in the Alamo City. Let’s guess the rent.
This week’s guess the rent entry is not the conventional listing, or maybe it was at one point, but it’s definitely not the renovated three-bedroom in Dignowity Hill from last week. 
But don’t get it twisted, this mansion in the heart of downtown San Antonio is certainly interesting, and someone is renting out the bedrooms. I’m not sure if it’s all 16 bedrooms in this monument to Classical Revival at 421 Howard Street, but at least the old Zillow listing says it has 16 bedrooms. 
It looks like each room that is being rented out has its own personality. But how much will it cost to rent just one?
Let’s jump in. 
This room is giving me early 20th century hotel. 
You’ve seen the fancy hotels in western films set in the early 20th century? This room is giving all those vibes. 
A microwave on top of a fridge might be all you need.
This other room is more mid-20th century but it still has a classic feel. If all you need is a fridge and a microwave, then this room is it.
There is a kitchen but it might be community shared.
Of course the mansion has a kitchen. There’s two. But it does appear that you’ll only have access to a microwave. 
Look. I’m a big guy. It does not look like me and that tub will work out. 
I’m 5 feet 11 inches tall, a height that some people say doesn’t exist because I’m basically 6 feet with shoes. When it comes to this bathroom, I don’t think me and that bathtub are going to work. Have you seen the scene in Elf  where Will Ferrell is in the elf shower?
This bathroom is more my style. 
This is more like it. Give me a car wash. Also, I’m digging the shower tile. 
The pool is heated if you’re into that. 
Come on in. The pool may not be huge but it is heated, according to the listing. 
So how much will a room in this mansion run you? The Craigslist post says it will cost $800 to $950 per month on a six month lease. The post says the bills will cost an extra $250. 
The listing says to call “Renato” at the number on the website. That phone does match to a Renato Di Costanzo with Texas Real Estate Properties who let this real estate YouTube couple give a tour of a different mansion. 
Steven Santana is a digital reporter and pop culture weeb born and raised in San Antonio. He graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University in 2013. Reach out at Follow him on Twitter @stevensantana88 


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