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By Zoe Szathmary for MailOnline


Apartment seekers looking for a space to live in San Francisco may come across an unlikely spot in their hunt. 
A Craigslist listing that appeared online Wednesday is asking $2800 per month as the rent for living in a large sinkhole at an intersection in the Richmond District.
‘1 bedroom sink hole for rent. Just opened up, act fast,’ the listing says. ‘Best deal in San Francisco.’
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Home sweet home? This humorous Craigslist ad is asking $2800 per month to live in the large sinkhole 
Unique residence: The Craigslist ad claimed that the sinkhole ‘Just opened up’ 
It also promises a ‘spacious 60sq feet floor plan [that] allows for creative interior arrangements. Sun roof and exciting ambient city soundscapes provide for excellent entertaining.’
Those interested can also ‘Drop by for a showing.’ 
Whoever posted the humorous ad says street parking is available, and that only cats are allowed in the sinkhole as pets.
CBS San Francisco reported that the sinkhole appeared Wednesday following multiple days of rainfall and is located at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Lake Street.
The sinkhole has a depth of 10 feet, and Thursday morning measured 30 feet by 28 feet, the affiliate station reported.
A damaged water main was behind the sinkhole, Department of Public Works spokesman Rachel Gordon told NBC Bay Area. Construction crews have been filmed and photographed by local media trying to get the sinkhole fixed. 
The water main’s cracked pipe is from before an earthquake which hit San Francisco in 1906, the affiliate station reported.
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokesman Jean Walsh told The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday ‘It’s pretty dramatic. It started forming, got bigger, and then soon became a gaping hole in the street.’
‘It’s not that uncommon. There was one a year ago. It happens,’ Walsh also said.
A damaged water main was behind the sinkhole, a Department of Public Works spokesman has said 
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