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It is Friendship Day and what better way to wish your dear friends than to send them a good message first thing in the morning. Here are some handpicked messages for you to send to your friends. Check it out
Friendship day is a special day for friends all around the world. Celebrated on the first Sunday of August, it marks as a day of celebrating the things that your friends do for you. From spending time with them to hosting a party, friendship day is all about those people who always have your back through thick and thin. From laughing together to crying during difficult times, friends are people you cannot live without.
Thanks to Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook, the age-old practice of sending greeting cards and wishing with personalised cards is gone and nowadays, people are taking to Whatsapp and/or social media to wish each other on festivals and special days. To make things easier for you, we have rounded up a list of Whatsapp Messages and Quotes in English that you can send to your friends.
1. Friendship is not finding gold or silver among the rocks of life. It is accepting each other as coal until diamonds are formed with time.
2. A real friend is someone who walks in when everyone else walks out. Happy Friendship day!
3. The greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.
4. If you open my heart, guess what you will see? You. Good friends are hard to find so I keep you safe in my heart.
5. If all my friends jump off a cliff, I will not do it with them. I will stand at the bottom to catch them because I will always be there for you when you fall! Happy Friendship day.
6. Best Friends are not just friends but they are family. Thank you for being my family! Happy Friendship day.
7. Lovers share their heart but friends share their soul. Thank you for sharing your sole with me! Happy Friendship Day to you.
8. True friendship is when you know everything about each other and sit in silence just enjoying each other company! 
9. Our friendship will test the fate of time because we will be friends forever! Happy friendship day!
10. Friendship is not about whom you’ve known the longest, it is about the ones who came and never left.
Happy Friendship day to each one of you!


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