Fortnite Mobile Auto Fire: How to Use It and Is it Cheating? – Game Revolution

By Bradley Russell
If you’re on the iOS version of Fortnite (remember, the Android release date is still TBD) then you may have seen the new feature on small-sized screens. That’s right: Fortnite mobile auto fire is now a thing and, as you can imagine, has caused a fair amount of controversy in the community. Here’s how to use it, how to turn it off, as well as a quick look at whether it can be regarded as cheating.
To use Fortnite mobile autofire, players on iOS must select their firing style when booting up the app for the first time after the 5.0 update (more on that below) but, as for the actual method, here’s what you need to know: anyone who comes into contact with your reticle will be instantly fired upon, without needing to press a single button.
However, both your pickaxe and sniper rifle will still need to be used and fired manually, as the Fortnite mobile auto fire doesn’t apply to those two weapons.
Understandably, many are not going to want to use this tactic. To turn auto fire off you must go to Options > Custom HUD Layout > Select Fire Mode and select either the option that allows you to tap to fire or to be given a fire button on-screen.
It depends who you ask. Many on Reddit and the Fortnite forums certainly suggest so, with the main argument being that it offers a distinctly unfair advantage over console and PC players, especially as they can cross-play with each other.
For now, Epic has not responded to any complaints, nor indicating that Fortnite mobile auto fire would be taken out of the game. I’d wager it won’t be long before a decision one way or the other is made, however.
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