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Tinka enables shoppers of (web-)stores to buy now and pay later and the brand was born out of online retailer Wehkamp. Now an independent business, Tinka is looking to build on its existing base of over 1m active customers and expand in the Dutch market.
Tinka’s goal is to become the most recommended and responsible deferred payment option in the Netherlands. Tinka believes in always acting in its customers’ best interests. This is only possible if this is done in a responsible manner.
Digital-first company Media.Monks has been responsible for the creative concept and ideation of the brand as well as its digital platform and digital brand strategy, including art direction, logo and asset design, digital platform flow design, usability testing as well as acquisition strategy.
Mischa Alexander, chief marketing officer at Tinka, says, “It’s unprecedented for a new fintech to be able to leverage more than 60 years of retail and financial experience for the benefit of its consumers and merchants but that’s the unique position Tinka is in. We’re excited to expand our footprint and provide our smart services for other leading brands in the Dutch market and beyond. It’s key for us to now translate our knowledge and ambition to financially empower consumers. Our proposition is perfectly articulated in the line developed by Media.Monks ‘Buy Now, Pay Smart’. We set Media.Monks a simple objective ‘we want to do great things together’. With our exciting new brand identity and digital strategy that’s becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy!”
Jeroen van der Meer, executive creative director at Media.Monks, adds, “It’s been great to work with a brand that looks to innovate not just its own business but the industry as a whole. Consumers have different purchasing journeys, and hence different expectations and needs from a financial services provider. This means that a brand identity cannot be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ but is geared towards consumers’ fast changing and growing expectations when it comes to personalisation and their digital experiences. Together we’ve built a great foundation for that.”
Thu, 22 Sep 2022 17:01:16 GMT


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