Family Shows How To Sneak A Child Into Disney World Without Paying – ESPN Southwest Florida

Disney World tickets are expensive. They do discount have discounts for kids under 10 and last I checked, kids under 3 are free. But that’s not enough for this couple. They found a way to get their young child through the gate at Magic Kingdom but making it look like she’s under 3. Sneaking a kid in Disney World without paying.  As reported by Inside The Magic, “In the video, a little girl sits in a baby-sized stroller while her family scans their Disney Park tickets. Once on Main Street, U.S.A., and out of the view of Disney Cast Members, the family pulls an elementary school-aged child out of the stroller.”
Poor kid was in an infant car seat #theyaregoingtoknow #disney #onlyindisney #theywillneverknow
The crazy part of this video is that they lift the little girl out of the stroller in plain sight of one of the cast members. There’s no way I could do that. I’d at least take the stroller to the bathroom. They just pulled the little princess up with zero f given.
As any kid going to Disney World knows, you may be 6 years old in real life, but at Disney – you’re 3. That’s how they snuck a child into Disney World without paying. But not everyone is ok with this. The video appeared in a reddit post, with one person commenting “u/Wicked-Lee agreed, writing, “What this does is encourage these types of people to continue to be dishonest. They should pay the ticket cost like the rest of us who have children. I have 3. 2 of my kids do not go on rides. I still paid for them to get into Disney and Universal multiple times. That’s what parents should do.””
I’m not here to pass moral judgement. Is it right or wrong to do something like this? It’s a funny video. Let’s leave it at that.
More from Florida
The Carnival Sunrise Cruise, based out of Miami Florida, was just wrapping up a five-day, round-trip cruise in the Western Caribbean when the real entertainment started. Not on the stage, but poolside. There’s no official accounts of what exactly happened, but according to posts it appears that the Florida Man brawl started with an argument over a chair.
As reported by The Orlando Sentinelone passenger commented on one of the videos and claimed that up to 30 people got involved in the fight. “All I know is, I was filling my cup up with lemonade then, boom, they were knuckin’ and buckin’! Whew, you just had to be there,” another TikTok user commented. One woman was seen repeatedly kicking someone on the bottom of the pile. Pretty weak move there.
Because it was on a cruise ship, we don’t know if there were any injuries or arrests. Even the date of the fight, September 9th, is in question. By one posters account it does look to be about 30 people involved in the fight, one Carnival employee looks to be in the middle of it , trying to deflect some of the blows. There’s no way that’s in his job description. At one point someone blew a whistle (maybe a lifeguard) to try to slow the fight. it didn’t help. Florida Man brawl (or Florida Woman) could not be stopped. We don’t even know for sure that the people in the fight are from Florida. But it’s probably a safe assumption.
Brawl on Carnival cruise ship. Fight was over a lounge chair.
As one commenter stated “When you offer weeklong cruises for $200 with a daily drink upgrade package for $59/day this is what happens on board.”
A fight between cruise passengers sailing on the Carnival Sunrise is caught on camera
It’s really upsetting just how normal this behavior is becoming.
Top Ten Most Stolen Cars In Florida in 2021
Driving in Florida is no easy task.  Living here in the Sunshine State, especially here in South Florida, we know traffic is THE WORST!
The snowbirds will be here before we know it.  How is that even possible?  Spring training will be here before we know it.  And will the construction ever stop?  The short answer, is it won’t, at least not any time soon.  Not as long as people keep moving here in droves, day after day.
So, what could make our daily commutes even worse?  Waking up to find our vehicle has been stolen would do the trick.
The crew over at Car Scoops put together a list of not only the top ten most stolen cars in Florida, but also in every state across the nation.
According to the study from Car Scoops, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports that a pickup truck was the most commonly stolen vehicle type in 36 of America’s 50 states. In fact, in 27 states, pickups were the two most commonly stolen vehicles.
Hopefully,  you won’t see your vehicle on the list below.  But, if you do, be careful out there and ALWAYS lock your doors.
Thefts in 2021:  481
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Thefts in 2021: 545
A post shared by Honda (@honda)
Thefts in 2021:  608
A post shared by Ken Block (@kblock43)
Thefts in 2021:  835
A post shared by Honda (@honda)
Thefts in 2021:  852
A post shared by Toyota USA (@toyotausa)
Thefts in 2021:  930
A post shared by chevrolet (@chevrolet)
Thefts in 2021: 938
A post shared by Toyota USA (@toyotausa)
Thefts in 2021: 1041
A post shared by Nissan (@nissan)
Thefts in 2021: 1058
A post shared by Honda (@honda)
Thefts in 2021: 1876
A post shared by Ford Motor Company (@ford)
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